Comment arrêter un mal de tête pendant la grossesse ?

Women feel confined when they are pregnant or suffer from severe headaches. Normaly, women will take a pain medication for their severe headaches. However, the health of their unborn child now comes first. The baby may be hurt if painkillers are taken. Natural treatment options are the only option. But which ones? Pregnancy is an extremely special time in a woman’s life. It requires that they make some very significant and dramatic changes to their lives and bodies.

Bodily Changes

The new baby will change their lives in a profound way. However, there will be bodily changes due to hormonal fluctuations. Headaches are a common type of pain during pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations, especially estrogen, can also play a significant role in causing them. Women who have never had a migraine attack before may experience one during pregnancy. These attacks are most common in the first trimester.

They become less frequent during the second and third trimesters. However, they can be very painful no matter what time it happens. Finding the cause is the first step. Although hormonal changes are the most common cause, it is not the only one.


Poor posture can also cause headaches during pregnancy. Poor posture during pregnancy is more likely to lead to headaches in the third trimester. However, it can be fixed by ensuring that your posture is correct. Stress, low blood sugar, lack of sleep, hunger, and stress are all possible causes of headaches in pregnancy. These headache causes can be easily treated by reducing stress, improving sleep habits and drinking plenty of water.

Many women who drink coffee during pregnancy will stop drinking it. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches and should be stopped immediately. The effects of caffeine withdrawal can be stopped or reduced by gradually weaning yourself off coffee. If you are considering getting pregnant, you should stop drinking coffee.

Souvenez-vous de

Pregnancy is not a good time to take painkillers. Pregnant women should not also take butterbur or feverfew, which are popular natural pain relief methods. What can we do now that we know what to avoid? Depending on the type and severity of your headache, the treatment options that you choose will vary.

For tension headaches, a cold compress can be applied to the back of your neck. For sinus headaches, a warm compress can be applied to the sinuses and temples. Most headache types, including migraines, can be relieved by lying down in a dark and quiet room. Drink less food, eat smaller meals, and keep your posture good. Massage your temples can be a great way to relieve headache pain, especially migraine headache pain.


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