Que sont les glutathions ?

What is Glutathione? Glutathione is a really simple molecule that is produced naturally all of the time in your entire body. It’s referred to as the master antioxidant produced by your body that fights free radicals, detoxifies, and is crucial for your immune system to function efficiently.


Also famous for its anti-aging and disease prevention properties like cancer this all natural super powerful antioxidant has many terrific benefits and has been in the spotlight by many nutritional and medical professionals. The well renowned Dr. Oz is raving about the important advantages of glutathione and how everybody should research the advantages of this master antioxidant. Many other scientists across the globe have elaborated upon several hundred distinct disease processes where antioxidants play a very important role.


It is the most abundantly produced antioxidant in the body. Glutathione is a must for the operation of all the other known antioxidants, this is the reason it’s commonly know as the”Master Antioxidant”. Antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E are typically”natural” but they’re not natural to your body. It’s a common misconception to think that these vitamins will be seen on your cells naturally but the fact remains that these vitamins are found only when ingested through foods or supplements.

Glutathione on the other hand is often found in the cells as your cells produce it naturally and it’s the cornerstone antioxidant for good function of different antioxidants. Given the value of antioxidation in countless different disease processes, the most crucial and critical antioxidant necessary to fight the disease processes is glutathione. The immune system is the body’s front line of defense and is continually looking for pathogens, foreign antigens such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi and even pre-cancerous cells, in addition to toxins and diseases.

Système immunitaire

Your immune system easily depends upon hydration for appropriate function and so as to neutralize these pathogens, the body requires a easily supply of glutathione to perform at an optimal level. Insufficient levels of glutathione leave the immune system comprimised and enables invaders to go unnoticed infecting the body, accelerating aging, as well as long-term cumulative damage resulting in cancers. Illness and aging can’t be prevented, but by maintaining glutathione levels at optimum levels keeps the immune system in peak performance and deters the aging and disease process entirely.

In today’s high pace and technological age, it’s impossible to avoid toxins daily. We have them through ingestion of foods and beverages and we inhale toxins associated with manufacturing processes, power plants, and transportion fatigue to mention a few. Glutathione plays an integral role in the detoxification procedure in eliminating countless toxins such as drug breakdown products, pollutants, carcinogens, radiation damage in addition to heavy metals(e.g. Studies have indicated that reduced glutathione levels contribute to inadequate liver and kidney function, and result in unnecessarily large amounts of toxins circulating through the body continuously damaging cells and organs.


Since the human body’s major detoxifying organ(liver) has the maximum glutathione concentrations, maintaining optimum levels of glutathione is important to get rid of toxins and prevent any diseases associated with these toxins as well as to encourage anti-aging. Our body is continually burning energy running 24 hours per day and the production begins at the cellular level. The cells burn fuel and consequently create waste byproducts(oxiradicals). This waste procedure leaves the cells prone to overload and could lead to damage once the byproducts aren’t removed. The significant substance created by the cell to keep it cool and running efficiently is glutathione that enables cells to perform optimally. Therefore allowing the cells to create more energy and strength. Raising glutathione has become a focus for many studies from sports medicine to anti-aging for this obvious reason.


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