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    Quelles sont les raisons d'un pénis douloureux ?

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    No man actually likes having a sore penis, although many will use the chance to brag (not necessarily truthfully) about how all of the sex they have needed to bring the status on. However, if the sore penis comes about due to a urinary tract infection (UTI), that is another story.


    Nobody goes about announcing that their UTI is making their manhood burn like crazy – rather, they ought to be seeking assistance from a physician to prevent complications. Therefore, exercising great penis care can enable a man to take care of this issue correctly if it does become a problem. Most guys with a UTI are surprised to learn they have come down with this condition. It’s popularly assumed that UTIs are a “women thing,” something which doesn’t occur to men.

    While it’s much more prevalent in girls, a UTI becomes increasingly more likely as men age. Still, it can strike a man of any age under the ideal conditions.

    What is it exactly?

    A UTI means that bacteria is present in considerable quantities somewhere in the urinary tract – the bladder, the kidneys, or the urethra. In the male, there are lots of organic defenses set up in the urinary tract to avoid the presence of bacteria or to eliminate bacteria when they sneak in – but no system is ideal. Most of the time, bacteria enter through the urethra – meaning that they are found on or near the penile opening and discover their way inside through that path. Sometimes, however, a disease can begin in the uterus or bladder – often because of congestion caused by an unpassed kidney stones or bladder stone.

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    When a UTI develops, it can result in a sore penis and encourage pain throughout the whole tract. It’s frequently accompanied by a burning sensation when urinating – that, since this is a frequent symptom associated with sexually transmitted diseases, often causes a person to panic. Usually a man finds he wants to urinate more frequently and moves a significantly smaller amount of urine when expelling. Sometimes, urine may seep from the penis unintentionally. It’s also not unusual for pain in the back or stomach to be present too.


    So how can a man get a UTI? Well, as stated, occasionally bacteria get into the urethra from the penis – another reason to keep the equipment clean. Other contributing factors could be kidney or kidney stones, diabetes, or immune system difficulties. A man who suspects he’s a UTI should visit a doctor, who may prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Most treatment plans also include drinking plenty of water (or maybe cranberry juice), to help flush the system out.


    Naturally, prevention is much better than treatment. Stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of fluids increases the chance that stray bacteria will be voided. Use protection when having sex, to prevent getting infected by a spouse. Intact men should wash thoroughly and frequently underneath the foreskin so as to remove bacteria that might be lingering there.

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    Use gentle cleansers on the penis and the surrounding regions. Soaps with chemicals may damage the skin, which makes it easier for bacteria to collect. A man may also help prevent a sore penis caused by a UTI by keeping the general health of his manhood, which needs dedicated daily use of a superior penis health creme. Vitamin A has known anti-bacterial properties, therefore the smart man will pick a crème that’s full of vitamin A, in addition to in such free vitamins like B5, C and D.

    Protecting the penis skin from harsh additives requires extra hydrating aid, which can be located in a crème with a high end emollient like shea butter. And a crème with a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is well poised to maintain oxidative stress in the penis . An proper crème such as Man1 Man Oil may be fine aid to a sore penis.

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