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    History Of Essential Oils?

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    Extracted from botanicals, that is, from trees and plants. They’re a part of the plants immune system processed by distillation but others like the citrus oils may be extracted in different ways. Essential Oils are natural, so that they work in harmony with nature. They’re more concentrated than the herbs that they have been extracted from and they contain vitamins, hormones, antiseptics that operate on our immune systems.

    Essential Oils

    These oils are up to 100 times more concentrated than dried herbs, so they have to be used with care. Essential oils into a larger lesser extents are antiseptic (it combats disease ), bactericide (they kill bacteria or inhibit the growth of bacteria), when applied to skin the normally encourage cell rejuvenation and help all sorts of skin issues. They are inhaled, applied to the skin (usually using a carrier oil) or they might be taken internally under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

    It’s not safe for someone to take internally without the aid of a practitioner since they’re extremely concentrated. Mixed in a carrier oil generally will comprise bout 2% essential oil and 98% carrier oil. Carrier oils may include Jojoba, which actually isn’t an oil but instead an Ester which contains a great deal of Vitamin E and is preferred by massage therapists since it never become rancid and when used alone doesn’t discolor the sheets that they work with. Others might include Almond, Walnut,Etc.

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    Did you know?

    The most popular being Almond, it has a limited shelf life, so frequently massage therapists will ask that we mix 10 percent Jojoba with 90 percent Almond to extend it’s shelf life. They’ve been with us since antiquity. Certainly the Egyptians mastered the art for therapeutic reasons and learned about them using the oils to embalm the terrific taxpayers, the pharaohs and high priests who perished.

    Eventually, the ability to perform this led the high priest, who was also the Aromatherapists of the afternoon, to employ the curative advantages to themselves and other people in the Egyptian society. This use continued for many centuries but was mostly abandoned in america across the 1850’S when we entered what we call the Age of Science and abandoned the Age of antipsychotic medication,being largely lasted in Europe and certainly Asia for the sake of the people in these societies. Their usage lately returned to the US due to the eventual failure of antibacterial’s to heal allot of the ailments they used to heal.


    Essential oils being very complicated were very tricky for viruses and bacteria to shield themselves from and also had the advantage of little or no side effects against medications that you see on the drugstore shelves now. There are numerous books written about aromatherapy essential oils and their program and also giving us a descriptive understanding of our sense of smell and why they’re so powerful whether inhaled or place upon our skin. Essential Oils can affect our mood, they could pick us up when we’re down, help us relax when we are feeling stressed. Essential Oils also have a physical price. We’re all familiar with Eucalyptus, Lavender & Tea Tree, which when inhaled or applied to the skin provide relief from several symptoms or ailments of many disorders.

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