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    How can to safely Lose Weight?

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    A friend asked me recently to help him lose weight fast for an outdoor company party. The party would include a barbeque in a park and some outdoor activities, such as touch football, volleyball, or frisbee. He had two months to prepare for the occasion, which would be his first public outing this year. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to transform this eager beaver. A good weight loss program includes both exercise and diet. After some convincing, he finally agreed to the diet. I told him that he wanted 35 pounds loss in two months. This type of weight loss is possible, but not recommended.

    Look Better

    He would have to accept a loss of about 20 pounds. However, there were some things he could do to make himself look better (like getting a tan). Here’s the plan I gave him. He will be eating approximately 1700 calories per day, as he currently weighs in at 210 pounds. He will be working out three days a week, then taking the fourth day off. He will eat as few processed foods as possible. He must eat protein in every meal and he must eat breakfast within 30 mins of getting up. He is not allowed to eat a meal replacement shake, string cheese or a glass of milk as a snack after dinner.

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    Fries and foods containing trans fats and high fructose corn syrup are not allowed. Each meal must be consumed at least two-and-half to three hours apart. He is only allowed to drink water and must consume one glass of water every hour. On day one, he will jog for a quarter mile (one lap), and then do 30 jumpsquats. After a minute of rest he will jog another quarter-mile, sprint for 20 seconds, then rest for one minutes. He will repeat this three times for a total of one and a quarter miles (six laps). He’ll ride his bike for ten miles on day two. He will do this as fast as possible.

    Take into account

    There are many hills to climb on the route, which is pre-determined. He’ll need to be aware of traffic. He’ll be lifting weights for 45 mins on day three. It will be a complete body workout that includes the chest, back, shoulders and core. There will be short breaks between exercises. He’ll take a break on day four. He’ll then resume his workout program. It is important to note that he should not exercise on an empty stomach. A meal replacement shake or protein supplement is better than a snack before he begins his workout.

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    Now I am familiar with my friend’s athletic abilities and his general fitness level. I know that he will properly hydrate, warm up, and do some stretching when he works out. Talk to your doctor if you are new to working out.


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