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    How Do I Stay Healthy After Retirement?

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    Some time back, I wrote that the three things retired people worry about most is riches, relationships and health. Speaking personally, I think that prosperity, or running out of cash occupies the top spot on elderly retired people’s minds and wellbeing is a close second. Part of the reason is that improvements in health care and changes in attitude have made it possible for us to live and remain active more than ever.

    Let’s see…

    The major issue with health is to keep healthy and strong enough to enjoy being active and maintain our immune systems running at peak efficiency. Staying fit, that is the issue. Being retired means you can work and sleep as much as you desire. And it becomes easier to sit on the porch as we age. At my last physical, my doctor said it was not too late to become active and increase my endurance and strength.

    Consider this

    It’s not how long you have been alive that make you older, it is the lack of action and a fantastic positive attitude as you get older. Studies have demonstrated time and again that our sedentary lifestyles are bad for our health and that busy folks love life and age better with fewer health issues. Despite the fact that you know that this is true, you may think that it’s too late to become busy or be convinced that you can not do it, but that is not true either.

    Speak with your doctor about any restrictions you may have, then become active. You can enjoy sports and experience. And we are not talking about taking a casual stroll, light gardening or walking. We’re talking about really increasing your heart rate and pushing yourself a little. When it comes to fitness and health, it is difficult to win against the advantages of a swimming pool. Swimming is the best exercise in regards to improving muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It’s easy on the joints, (making it an ideal selection for elderly people), helps increase flexibility, improves bone density and heart health.

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    Did you know?

    According to the CDC, swimming and other water-based workouts are safe and effective irrespective of your age. I read one study that indicated that older adults who swam were 33 percent less likely to drop, a significant cause of injury in older people 70. I’m not sure how they arrive at these numbers, but anything that increases strength and muscle tone must help. If “weight lifting” or “going to the gym” conjures images of youthful body builders pumping iron, then it is time to rethink this kind of exercise and examine the benefits which could be gained including assurance, better sleep and more powerful muscles and bones.

    Articles on the CDC site suggest strength training helps relieve arthritis pain and reduced a elderly persons likelihood of a fall. Weight lifting programs can be tailored to fit people of all ages and skills. Strength training can be a safe and effective exercise for older adults but we need to be careful and not over extend ourselves when we begin. Have a look at some pot bell exercises and use low weights to prevent sore muscles. Or just plain old walking helps people connect with nature, keep moving and enjoy the benefits of being outside and interacting with different folks.

    Keep in mind

    Older folks do everything from charity walk/run occasions to handling the Appalachian Trail. A well earned feeling of liberty is at the top the list of advantages for most hikers. Nature provides an escape from everyday stress and promotes longer periods of action in relation to a walk around the area can. Other health benefits include better heart health, circulation, freedom and a reduced risk of hospitalization. This one can be a bit more challenging. Butif you do not like exercising on your own, the teamwork of organized sports may be just the ticket to better health. Adult sports leagues all around the nation offer everything from basketball to softball.

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    Whatever your game of choice is, there is a great chance you’ll see others playing in your area, so join up and reap the physical and psychological benefits and make some new friends at exactly the exact same time. If you aren’t into more active sports, yoga can offer the exercise benefits you’re looking for. While I haven’t practiced yoga, I do know several individuals who practice Hatha yoga. Taking the opportunity to move through presents is definitely worthwhile in getting increased flexibility and stress relief.


    You can practice by yourself with just a video for a manual or join a course. Yoga will help improve your muscle strength, improve circulation and flexibility and decrease your stress level. Staying healthy and fit are key to enjoying retirement. Many men and women retire and start living the great life. Staying up late, eating more and sitting on the sofa more. Most of us stop getting enough exercise and it is not long until we are, over weight, out of shape and out of breath. And it’s easier to not do anything about it.

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