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    How to achieve an Excellent Health through Spirituality?

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    It is appropriate and necessary to describe this is my own experience. It’s unique to me, since I have worked to enhance my everyday health regimen for nearly 4 decades of my life. Before starting any diet, you should always consult your doctor to find out if there’s any negative interactions with medications you might be taking.

    My story

    My mom was born and raised in a small town in the state of Ohio. She grew up in a time when women, generally speaking, were almost entirely ignorant about sex, conception and childbirth. My mother wasn’t the exception. She fought throughout her pregnancy with me, being her first conception.

    She suffered depression, fearing to give birth, since she didn’t understand that the hormonal changes going on inside of her. When it came time to give birth to me, she worked for so long, the physicians considered C-section, which wasn’t commonly, or routinely performed in that age.

    As a baby

    Born into the world with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I could neither procedure my mother’s milk, infant food, nor water, and became jaundiced, almost dying within the first six weeks of life. When I formed stools, they had to be physically removed. At six weeks of life, I developed pneumonia and was hospitalized, again. It was an urgent struggle for the doctors to save my life. At six months old, I was hospitalized, creating pneumonia, again! And the doctors were able to save my baby life.

    As a kid

    Throughout my childhood, I was always sick. I had one cold, after a second, and one bout of influenza, after another. Added to this question, my Irish father was a large, stout, stern and commanding, demanding character, who was a heavy meat and potatoes eater. And being his firstborn son, who was , he forced me to eat a whole lot of meat and potatoes. I couldn’t process the meat and was allergic to the potatoes. This continuous sent my bodily health into a long daily tailspin.

    It seemed I was allergic to life. My eyes always teared, streaming down my face. Everything I ate and breathed adversely influenced me. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I didn’t comprehend my father, in his own ignorance, was adding insult and harm to my health, since he had been a heavy smoker, who smoked in the home. I had been subjected to his secondhand smoke that was also making me sick.

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    As a Teen

    The next nine decades of my life was more unconsciously than consciously spent hooked on cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. During this decade, I thought everything bad that could happen to a person was happening to me. It would take another 3 years to come to grips with beating the dependence and starting a path to attaining optimal health and subsequent spiritual clarity. I spent the two decades, before age thirty-two, teaching myself hypnotic self-programming, wherein I’d daily picture myself doing my regular patterns, without smoking, drinking and medication of any sort.

    As a Young Adult

    At age thirty-two, in the spring of the year, I had reduced smoking, from four to six packs of cigarettes a day to only four cigarettes per day. One day I made the firm decision to quit smoking, altogether, begin drinking filtered water, and proceed on a natural juice fast for seven days, to be able to cleanse my body of all remaining nicotine and other toxins. I succeeded, never returning to my previous life of dependence.

    But for another eighteen months, I’d battle the emotional addiction to smoke. During the subsequent few years of living, I concentrated increasingly on getting the diligent observer, knowingly noting how eating certain foods made me feel, following a meal. And I started to see a pattern of feeling tired, lethargic, lacking energy and having allergic reactions.

    Thus, I started a quest to first begin eliminating all meats out of my diet. I never enjoyed eating pork or steak. I was soon free of eating chicken, fish and poultry. Educating myself regarding the various types of water purification methods, I finally found a system that’s been tested and confirmed to eliminate 100 percent of fluoride, chlorine, mercury and other dangerous chemicals, but not eliminating the valuable minerals that are obviously in the water.

    Educating myself

    34 Years Illness-free

    I’ve not had one incident of ill-health since 1982. Personally, I consider this a miracle exhibition of the healing power of the human body and mind, in the experience of a previously ailing (as a child, adolescent and young adult) individual and an easily addictive kind character.

    Continual Dietary Refinement

    At the present time in my life, I have for many decades, now, removed all processed foods of any sort from my diet. I am processed-foods-free. I simply do not eat them. Recently, I’ve mad yet another great and dramatic change to my everyday diet, establishing what could be for many others, a radical move toward a whole focus on vibrational alignment between the physical, psychological and spiritual.

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    Purified Water

    Purified water is the focal point in my daily dietary regimen. I eat 3 quart bottles of water (not bottled water, not distilled water rather than purified water from any other source, but my own in-house water filtration system that eliminates 100% of fluoride, chlorine, mercury, lead and other toxic chemicals and gases.

    Vegan Diet

    I have maintained a vegan diet for more than two decades. I don’t eat meat, poultry, pork, fish or poultry. My attention, in eating a vegan diet, is to eat cruciferous vegetables and fruits which are alkali-based, low in acidity. I eat plenty of garlic in my diet.

    Organic Juices

    My focus is on the ingestion of a huge array of several new, organic juices, made from fruits and vegetables, drinking them in little quantities of one to two ounces, twice per day. The juices I drink usually contain each the following, and might change, from time to time. I juice: carrots, oranges, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, apples, grapes, pears, kiwi, pineapple, spirulina, green tea, spinach, broccoli, barley grass, wheat germ, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, Nova Scotia dulse.


    I ingest chlorella, ginko biloba, astralagus, ginger and fenugreek, and turmeric (curcumin), daily.

    Organic Herbal Teas

    I drink: dandelion root, a combination herbal detox tea, a mixture tea for the lungs, and chamomile tea before going to bed.


    I daily take two tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, a dime-sized quantity of raw bee pollen, a teaspoon of black seed oil, and a teaspoon of organic baking soda. In addition, I walk up to 3 times, daily, for at least 15 to 20 minutes.


    In my early twenties, I embraced a set of 28 philosophical principle, where I decided to live my life. I’ve not swayed from living, based on these principles. They can be summed up in interacting with other people, as I’d want them to socialize with me, allowing for the fact that others will always fall short in their interactions with me. Expect not. And don’t give advice, until it’s asked for. Even then, give guidance thoughtfully and sparingly. Listen a lot more than I talk.

    Diet Routine

    1. I almost always bound out of bed around 4:00 – 5:00 a.m, sometimes a little sooner and sometimes a bit later.

    2. I start my writing and publishing day using a 12 oz. Cup of detox or dandelion tea. I don’t allow myself to participate in nourishment, until I trace the cup of tea with 32 oz. of purified water.

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    3. Then I take 2 ounces. Each of four mix juices, combined with 1 ounce. of Alive Daily Liquid Vitamin. This, again, is accompanied with 32 oz. of purified water, taking my herbs, organic cider vinegar, black seed oil, and organic baking soda (aluminum free), followed by walking for 15-20 minutes, at a lively pace.

    4. In the late afternoon, I have 12 oz. of another herbal tea, followed by a light meal of cruciferous and leafy veggies, and a great deal of turmeric and garlic.

    5. This is followed by another 32 oz. of purified water, after 1 hour .


    Religion, for me, is a living inner experience, not an outer one. I practice religious unity with all people with whom I have the chance to communicate. Religious, intellectual, philosophical and scientific uniformity is an illusion and will never be attained, not even under threat of death.

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