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    How To Achieve Health And Fitness?

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    Many men and women are in look for fitness and health, but what are the essentials for health and fitness and how can you achieve good health and overall well being? When you’ve got a good look at the notion, it all boils down to the following four elements, which are crucial for healthy living. If we opt to make decent nutrition – including supplementation – and an active lifestyle a daily habit, we can add 5 to 15 healthy years to our lives.

    Healthy living

    Maintaining a balanced, wholesome diet, quitting smoking, excessive use of alcohol and toxic substances, taking regular exercise, a great night sleep and supplementing our diet with high quality nutritional supplements. I will explain in more detail the aforementioned four elements for healthy living. First of all: Good Nutrition. Good nutrition is essential for good health. The human body is a complex system which requires a complete spectrum of nutrients for optimum health.

    What do we mean by “good nutrition”? Good nutrition means: eating the perfect food that contains all of the ideal carbohydrates, protein, fat, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, according to your body type. Another factor that determines good nutrition is our body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the food we consume.


    The nutrients need to be in a form which the cells can take them, and the cells need to be in optimal condition to have the ability to absorb the nutrients. This is known as bio-availability. These are the keys to successful nutrition and two frequently overlooked facts. That’s among the reasons most nutritional supplements miss the mark, they do not deal with the cellular status of the body. You might believe regular exercise, a positive mental attitude, while applying the golden rule:’everything in moderation’ the secret is to good health.

    However, if you understand the damage caused by processed foods, it is going to inspire you to change your diet, if you’re aiming for a high degree of health and liberty of degenerative diseases. Acid-alkaline balance. We should consume acid- and – alkaline-forming foods in the perfect ratio’s. This is simple to understand, once we know that, broadly , vegetables and fruits are alkaline-forming and the remainder is largely acid-forming, with a few exceptions. You can read more about acid- and – alkaline-forming foods in my article.

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    Australian diet

    The Australian diet comprises nearly one-and-a-half times more acid-forming food as it does alkaline-forming food. This ratio should be the other way around. The issue with eating too much acid-forming food is that it builds up toxic waste products, and is the cause of most of our health issues. A diet which has insufficient fruit and veggies is lacking vital antioxidants, beta-carotene, minerals and vitamins. They’re most important to avoid oxidation, caused by free radicals, which are the primary cause of cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and other ailments.

    We also require a sufficient quantity of antioxidants, to counteract the creation of free radicals, due to our stressful lifestyle, pollution in water and air and malnutrition. Oxidative stress has shown to be the main cause of over 70 chronic degenerative diseases. Every day, the DNA in every cell in your body faces about 10, 000 strikes from cell-damaging forces called free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that have lost an electron.

    Free radicals

    These are naturally produced as the body turns fuel to energy, but you also get them out of contamination in water and air, stress, smoking and radiation from sunlight. These volatile molecules cruise around your body trying to stabilize themselves by stealing electrons from other molecules. When they succeed, they produce still more free radicals, causing a type of snowballing procession of harm. Free radicals do not just sometimes pop up here and there. Up to 5 percent of the oxygen that every cell uses is converted to free radicals.

    Free radical damage is believed to play a role in the accumulation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and the lining of your artery walls. This may result in a narrowing of the arteries known as atherosclerosis, which leads to heart disease. When free radicals damage DNA within the cells, the results can be cell mutations that cause cancer. It’s not all about nutrition, neither is it all about exercise.

    Lifestyle factor

    A balanced lifestyle is vital. Exercise at least three times each week. Aerobics, jogging, biking, swimming and also include weight lifting on your workout routine, which is essential for maintaining a healthy bone-structure. The secret is to do the ideal exercise. Aerobics are usually advocated in the weight loss business, the more extreme the better, which is all wrong! The issue is that aerobics exercises that increase your heart rate over 120 beats per minute, including jogging, swimming, rowing, cycling and lots of these fancy rowing courses in gyms, all strip off muscle nearly as much as they strip off fat. And as you know, muscle loss reduces your ability to burn fat and sets you up to become even fatter.

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    Remember, muscle is the engine where body fat is burned. You should do whatever you can to keep it for the rest of your life. Walking is great for many health reasons, it also burn some fat and won’t burn muscle. But the best exercise for fat control is wide-variety high repetition resistance training, using weights or machines. By exercising all of the muscles of your body, you burn a great deal of fat. Another benefit of resistance exercises is that it increase muscle and because of this provide more muscle tissues to have the ability to burn fat. It’s a true health bargain. Another important element is proper pace.

    Don’t overdo it

    You can not force things to happen at the same time. The key to great health is consistency and steadiness. The ideal quantity of food and regular exercise. The simple method of’deep breathing’ can make a strong contribution to feeling great and being healthy and well. Our bodies need plenty of physical and mental energy to have the ability to function at their very best. The energy supply is food, but food is futile with oxygen, that’s the key to our power. The more oxygen we send to our cells, the more energy we will have.

    Breathing is how we obtain oxygen and the advantages of periodic deep- breathing are monumental. However, if our breathing is shallow, we cripple the operation of our systems. When the oxygen supply to our lungs isn’t sufficient, it may contribute to diseases, both physical and psychological. Posture is important for good breathing. The third variable of health and fitness is an excellent night sleep. There’s nothing more beneficial than a good nights sleep and there’s a great physiological demand for it if the person likes to feel refreshed and awake during the next day. Sleep is also essential for your own memory and learning capability and possibly for keeping up a fantastic immune system.

    Final note

    Studies have demonstrated that melatonin, when taken in tiny doses of 0.1 milligram, can reduce the effects of jetlag, like sleeping problems and fatigue. The fourth element is: a high quality nutritional supplements. As I mentioned previously, most supplements don’t handle the cellular condition of the body. Worse, many are in a form that’s unacceptable for the cells and do not contain biological accessible substances which are useful for the cells in the body. People that suffer from a chronic degenerative disease are under higher oxidative stress than usual. In cases like this, optimizers are important to use to be able to support any present nutritional program. It’s been scientifically proven that there are significant health benefits in choosing nutritional supplements. The benefits of nutritional supplements are scientifically verified over the last couple of decades. Countless scientific studies have demonstrated that nutritional supplements can significantly reduce the risk of degenerative diseases.

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