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    How To Be A Good Person Through Dream Translation?

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    You can be a fantastic person and reach sanctity through fantasy translation if you’re an obedient student and individual. The scientific process of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is the only appropriate one. It’ll be taught in all schools of the world today that I was able to prove this fact, and now that I was able to simplify his complex method.


    I could better understand the significance of dreams because I was a literature author who was able to write inspired by the subconscious mind. My work relies on linking various scientific discoveries to Carl Jung’s discoveries, and on linking Jung’s discoveries to my fantasies, my neurosis, and my literary work. I discovered the miraculous unconscious advice in dreams for just follow Jung’s lessons. I might also perceive the unconscious sanctity.

    Jung could not perceive its presence because he was a chilly scientist, although he enjoyed religion and he had researched many puzzles. Jung was fearful of the subconscious mind. He could not see that all of the absurdity found in the human brain comes in the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience. I needed to discover the presence of the dangerous anti-conscience since I was more powerful than Jung, and I could endure the strikes of this anti-conscience without losing my mind.

    Do you know?

    The subconscious mind had prepared me through my literature for confronting this battle. My magical inspiration was directing me during all of my life. The literary book I wrote after suffering from a horrible car accident when I was 15-years-old gave me the key of understanding once I translated its symbolic significance based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. My relation to the subconscious mind through literature helped me in several ways. This is the reason I could endure discovering the presence of the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience. Everyone inherits this dangerous material, but some folks inherit a stronger anti-conscience like me.

    The anti-conscience has satanic characteristics since it’s the tragic consequence of this disorganized formation of the very first live conscience that seemed on the world by chance. The anti-conscience is a demoniac conscience that feels delight with dread and calms down with violence. Its distorted nature is caused by an absurd self-defensive mechanism against despair and terror. This totally absurd and evil conscience occupies the largest aspect of the human brain and creates mental illnesses in our conscience.

    I related everything I found, and I just obeyed the subconscious advice in my dreams after finding the divine source of the subconscious mind and the subconscious sanctity. This is the reason I could win the battle against the strong anti-conscience. The subconscious mind which produces our fantasies is God’s mind. This implies that in order to achieve sanctity now you simply need to study the scientific technique of dream interpretation for a little while, and fight from the anti-conscience. Even if you’re almost schizophrenic like me in 1989 (when I was a young mum ), you’ll certainly be treated if you will obey the unconscious guidance on your dreams.

    Take into account

    My cure was a miracle more than impossible to occur. I had inherited a lot of craziness in my anti-conscience. I hope that your situation isn’t as intense as my situation was, and that you will simpler eliminate your anti-conscience. I cured numerous diverse instances through dream therapy and I found into practice just how hopeless it is to heal severe mental disorders. Without God’s guidance human beings can’t cure acute mental illnesses because the wicked anti-conscience is a sneaky demon that prepares many traps for our conscience.

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    You need to get rid of your anti-conscience through dream treatment before it manages to ruin the human side of your conscience. This is essential for your personal safety. You might need to work to be able to resist against your anti-conscience, but when you’re master the dream language you’ll have a direct communication with God.

    The fantasy images are God’s words. If you’re going to be obedient, you may faster alter your satanic anti-conscience into individual content and completely remove all of the craziness you’ve inherited on your brain. This is all up to you. My energetic simplification is also a warning. I just tell you the significance of the dream images. I don’t leave you with doubts. You can now learn my energetic method as a way to interpret your dreams (and everybody else’s dreams too ) in a really short time period.

    Carl Jung

    My method is wholly based on Carl Jung’s discoveries. He discovered the significance of the dream language and their healing power. I just continued his study, discovering the unconscious sanctity he could not perceive, and finding the anti-conscience he could not see because he wasn’t practically schizophrenic like me. I could see the anti-conscience since I was nearly schizophrenic like my dad.

    Therefore, I saw that there’s too much absurdity in the human mind. Jung had ceased his research at a specific point. I needed to continue his research with that point and on and discover the anti-conscience to be able to protect my fragile mental stability. I needed to learn how to battle against the anti-conscience’s strikes before completely losing my mind. The anti-conscience is an invincible enemy. It arouses dizziness, emptiness in the mind, horrible sensations, hallucinations and other distortions.

    I had to confront these strikes while waiting and praying for the conclusion of my dreadful adventures. My struggle against craziness was based on my immunity against the anti-conscience’s strikes. I had been cured after bearing the dreadful attacks of the crazy side of my mind for 8 months. After this challenging time period, my anti-conscience ceased attacking my conscience and I could discover sound mental health. Then, I started curing many men and women. I helped everybody like a sister. I had been a teacher, a pupil, and a physician practicing the unconscious medication; everything at exactly the exact same time. I also had a shop and I had to work there several hours.

    Everything was very tricky for me, but I needed to learn how to prevent being an insensitive monster and become a sensitive human being. If you’re a monster like I was when I was young, you’ll need to suffer so as to transform your character too. This is unavoidable. However, in the end you will get a great human being. You’ll stop suffering due to the consequences of your mistakes just like you do now. This will be your very best reward. You definitely make many mistakes in life as you’re too dumb and you are continuously affected by your anti-conscience. Unfortunately, you’re essentially an under-developed primate.

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    Take note

    You need to pass through a practice of psychotherapy if you would like to stop being affected (or completely controlled) by your enormous anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and is extremely powerful. Remember the fact that it occupies the largest portion of your brain. Even in the event that you would like to merely be a fantastic person with no intention to achieve sanctity, you need to eliminate your anti-conscience without wasting time.

    You will certainly want to attain sanctity when you will discover the true meaning of goodness. Goodness will provide you satisfaction and peace, even in the event you will have to suffer like me. I cured everyone thinking I was very powerful and I could help everyone since I received divine grace. I didn’t deserve to be cured. I had been selfish, lazy, and indifferent. Therefore, I did not deserve to have the opportunity to discover sound mental health through fantasy treatment.


    However, God is extremely generous and He gave me this opportunity. You will receive the exact same grace if you will follow the divine unconscious advice like I did. I was ready to accept minding the unconscious advice even before learning the meaning of dreams because I had been connected with the subconscious mind through my literature. My magical inspiration whispered the words of the subconscious mind, and that is the reason why all my poems showed intellect. I was really well prepared so as to confront the satanic anti-conscience without fainting.

    Only my scientific studies would not be sufficient to help me face the shocking discovery of the satanic origin of the human being. At exactly the exact same time, I had to confront the terrible attacks of this anti-conscience (which I’ve already described). Only since I was a poet, could I face this conflict without giving up. My literary talent helped me have the soul of a hero. I fought the anti-conscience thinking I was rescuing humanity from craziness and dread. My success represented God’s victory over Satan.

    I obeyed the subconscious mind to be able to attain sanctity like I had been a nun. I helped others through fantasy translation since this was a part of my psychotherapy and part of this process of purification I needed to pass through. I needed to learn how to become sensitive and care about other people’s suffering rather than being completely indifferent to their pain. My literary ability and my spiritual education during twelve years at a Catholic college with Silesian nuns gave me the courage and the faith I had to have in order to be so obedient, and face everything with courage. Your obedience to the subconscious wisdom will change you into a perfect monster also, even if today you’re like I was when I was young, or better saying, even if you are like most people on earth.

    Final word

    My case wasn’t an exception. Most people in our world are mentally ill since their anti-conscience manages to easily ruin their human conscience. We are living in a world dominated by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. There’s absolutely no peace and no justice on Earth. Our crazy world is dominated by everybody’s anti-conscience. This is the reason our planet is a living hell where nobody can be treated. If you wish to be a fantastic person, it follows that you are interested in being an exception.

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    However, your case is extremely important. You need to genuinely desire to be a fantastic person, and truly want to achieve sanctity, so you can have the ability to assist God eliminate everything that’s bad on the planet. God sends you messages that are wise in dreams, the exact same way he sends you sensible messages when you focus on the teachings of your faith. You need God’s help, and God wants your collaboration so as to save others. I was an idiotic, dumb, depressed and neurotic creature nearly as schizophrenic as my dad, but I turned into a genius and I have attained sanctity thanks to fantasy translation.

    I was able to win the struggle against schizophrenia, save lots of people from despair and dread, and simplify the complex technique of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung only because I obeyed the subconscious advice. You can become a genius and achieve sanctity too. This is possible now because now you can readily understand the celestial unconscious guidance on your own dreams. You simply need to get rid of your anti-conscience through dream treatment to be able to achieve a superior level of knowledge and purify your soul. The removal of your anti-conscience is the salvation from grief, and your miraculous opportunity to evolve without being bothered by the absurdity you’ve inherited.


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