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    How to Boost my Metabolism to lose Weight?

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    Many people don’t realize that our metabolism can be affected by what and how we do it. This includes how active we are, how much muscle we have, and what we eat. It is important to recognize that lifestyle changes can make a big difference in our metabolism. You may have complained for years that your metabolism is slow and you can’t lose weight without starving. Here are some easy ways to increase your metabolism and keep it working at its best. Eat breakfast. This is a common saying, but it’s true. Your metabolism actually slows down when you are starving yourself. The body interprets a lack of food as a threat to starvation. The body slows down to preserve the fat stores it has.


    Yo-yo dieting can cause havoc in your body. This advice is also applicable to skipping meals.

    • Start your day with healthy cereal, a hard-boiled egg, yogurt, or fruit. This will help to boost your metabolism and get you started on your day. The body will stop storing fat for the future if it can become used to eating breakfast in the morning. Eat up and let your body lose that unwanted belly fat.
    • Increase your intake of protein. Protein is vital for weight loss and keeping your body nourished. These rich in protein should not be foregone. Metabolic dysfunction is caused by eating too many empty carbs. Because proteins take longer to digest, they are released slower in the body. Your body will feel fuller for longer periods of time and won’t experience the insulin spikes or rises that can occur. A healthy metabolic rate will be maintained throughout the day by choosing protein over empty carbs or sugary snacks.
    • Natural metabolic boosters can be added. Certain nutrients and components have been scientifically shown to increase metabolism. Green tea is a great way to boost metabolism. It’s a great idea to add green tea to your daily routine or to choose a quality green tea compound. Green tea is an antioxidant, a heart-healthy nutrient and a weight loss tonic. You can replace your morning latte with a healthy one by adding a cup of green tea to your morning routine.
    • Exercise, exercise, exercise. Do we need to say more? Your metabolism will be boosted if you increase your exercise quotient. Particularly weight lifting can help you maintain a high metabolic rate. It’s a well-known fact that your metabolism will continue to increase the more you move. Keep your workouts at the gym consistent and build muscle. You’ll burn calories as fast and efficiently as you can count. Your body will continue to burn fat when you exercise. You’ll reap the benefits not only when you exercise, but also for hours afterward.
    • Natural supplements. Natural supplements can be great for boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight while bulking up. Important ingredients in metabolic boosting supplements have been shown to increase metabolic rates. These supplements function through thermogenic ingredients, which slightly raise the body’s core temperatures. This increases metabolic function.
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    Increasing metabolic function means that more calories are burned naturally and quickly without much effort or energy expenditure. If you have a low or slow metabolism, a quality supplement may be the perfect thing to boost your metabolism. These suggestions can make a big difference in your ability to lose weight or gain it. These all-natural tricks can help you eat more while still losing weight. You have the power to increase your metabolism if you choose to. Instead of dwelling on the fact that your metabolism is slow or sluggish, try these tips to improve your chances of success. It can be easier to lose weight and maintain it if you and your body work together.

    Many weight loss patients who have been through the procedure know that the magic of gastric bypass is over and the body resets itself to adapt to the smaller stomach and new digestive system. Patients who have undergone gastric surgery can lose weight quickly during the phase of rapid weight loss. This is often called the “honeymoon” period. Patients are actually eating low-calorie diets that are almost starvation-like. As the body heals from injuries sustained during surgery, and adapts to the new stomach, digestive process of gastric banding, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, it tends to metabolize and store food more efficiently.

    Weight Loss

    Patients who notice that their weight is losing more slowly than they would like often give up on hope and blame themselves for not taking advantage of the “window to massive weight loss” offered by bariatric surgery. There is no reason not to be hopeful. There are small lifestyle changes we can make that will increase our metabolism and improve our overall well-being. Stretching and Sunshine: Start the day by stretching like a cat. Reach for the stars and stand tall. After a good night’s sleep, feel your body relax.

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    Stretch your toes by bending at the hips. Listen to your body, and then stretch and move to increase blood flow and oxygen. You might also enjoy Downward Facing Dog and Cobra if you do yoga regularly. Your metabolism naturally increases when you stretch in the morning. If you have the chance, stretch in the sun. Bright light can decrease melatonin levels and increase serotonin. This shifts the body from sleep mode to awake mode, which in turn revves your metabolic furnace.

    Take Note

    Protein and green tea: At mid-day, metabolism slows down naturally. It will appreciate a high-protein lunch of lean animal protein and omega-3 rich fish. Protein is the most energy-intensive food for the body to digest, so it must rev its metabolism engines when managing high protein meals. We all know that “Protein first” is the first rule in weight loss surgery. Roast turkey breast with sliced vegetables or salmon salad with lettuce, tomato and tomato. All meals should contain at least 21g of protein. Green tea is a fair substitute for plain water and can be enjoyed between meals. Studies have shown that green tea’s polyphenol compounds, which can be found in between 2 and 4 cups of green tea, may increase metabolism by up to 35% and promote fat burning. Midday Sprint-Walk – As little as 30 seconds of intense movement can increase levels of human growth hormone, which in turn helps build lean muscle mass and burn fat.

    Don’t let the word “high intensity” scare your, we aren’t training for an Olympic event. High intensity simply means that we exert more effort than our normal level. Take a walk around your parking lot or building during a mid-afternoon snack break. After 30 seconds, sprint-walk for 30 seconds and then return to your normal walking pace. This can be repeated as many times as you have the time. This will give you a metabolic boost that lasts for hours without causing any sweat. Take some time to rest after a day of mindfully increasing your metabolism. When we get a good night’s sleep, we are more likely to be able to engage in metabolism-boosting activities the next day. Before you go to bed, turn off all electronic distractions like television, computers, and Blackberrys. As the last activity before going to sleep, enjoy quiet conversation, meditation, or reading.

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