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    How To Empower My Life With Meditation?

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    Caution: Read at your own risk! This article may contain extreme opinions which aren’t acceptable for readers stuck within society’s little box. These remarks are held by the author, an Indigo warrior that educates self-empowerment by breaking all of the old control principles, breaking out dated belief systems bringing into alignment the New Reality being made via the only truth in life – what is Love.


    Love is Power, Control is Fear. You choose which facts you would like to think in. I select self-empowerment through Love. Do you feel that sitting crossed legged in a cave up on a mountaintop is”the right way” to meditate? Have you given your power away to someone else’s belief? Or is this your view? If that is your view, how did you get it? When did you really own it as your view? Did you pay for this belief? Do you feel that is the only way to practice meditation? Should you think this, where did you get this notion from? Who gave you this belief? Have you given your power away to someone else’s fear? Did this view come from inside or did this belief come from out of yourself? I’m in no way whatsoever saying you’re wrong with what you think. I really honour your choices.

    Let’s see…

    I only want you to truly take a look at and know where, when and how you came to possessing that belief, and when you made it part of your own reality. After all, that’s how we create our own lives. If you’re unaware of where this belief originated then your life has been played in default style which means you’re re-acting not creating. It would be smart to pick a new way of playing the game of life. It really is far better than default mode! I think there are thousands of different approaches and fashions of meditating.

    There’s no “right” meditation for everybody. It would be impossible as each and every one of us is unique in our own way. What works for some people does not work for different men and women. If someone is telling you that you’re “doing it wrong” or “not appropriate,” I think, this is an untruth. To enable yourself, means you find what does work for you no matter what other folks are saying.

    Keep in mind

    If you’ve found that you find your inner peace by hanging upside down from a tree branch in your backyard while yodeling out your heart, then I stand, applaud and cheer you on! If someone informs you that you’re wrong on your method the first thing you will need to do is ask yourself what is this individual really afraid of? Why is it that they feel that they have to dis-empower me? Who gives them ability to tell me what seems right to me?

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    After all, is it not one who knows what feels right for you? Is it not you that feels completely at bliss dangling from the tree branch? If it feels good, and it is not hurting anybody, including yourself then how can it possibly be wrong? It isn’t! Keep hanging upside down and yodel until your heart is content. You’ve found your place of empowerment! Don’t let down your defenses because those who don’t come from their own place of empowerment will attempt to knock you off balance.


    When one expresses themselves differently than the rest of society it tends to generate plenty of people very uneasy. Fear has a funny effect on us people! When someone gets uncomfortable with a situation they do not enjoy, the first thing they try to do is control it by blaming and making you feel bad or wrong. It’s not your problem, it is their fear. Keep walking on your empowerment, your own truth! As I have mentioned before, it is time to eliminate the rule book!

    We all are unique people and have our own methods of discovering ourselves, its simply a matter of being brave enough to look past the boxes which society has created and eliminate the limitations. Knock the people that you have on top of pedestals down since you’re already a Master! Each and every one of us is about equal playing ground. Nobody is better, nobody is lesser. We’re equal. We are one. You might have forgotten so now it is time to remember.

    Take note!

    It’s up to you to escape the box! It’s your choice to discover what works for you from inside yourself, not from out of yourself. Looking outside only gives away your power. You already have the key. You came into life with it. Listed below are suggestions for meditation only, nothing written in stone. There are a number of ways to meditate. All of them lead to the identical location. The simplest type of meditation is comfort and focusing on the breath. I know I wrote yesterday indicating visualizing in the event you could not quite your mind.

    I suggested that because by you sitting for those ten minutes, putting forth the effort, you’re starting to form a habit. You’re telling your ego that you’re doing this if it likes it or not. Now that you’ve completed at least one meditation, let us change the visualizing to focusing on your breath. Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Long deep cleansing breaths. Focus only on the sound of your breath, the sensation of your breath, the rhythm of your breath. When your mind starts to stray, and it will, bring your attention back to your breath.

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    Breathing deeply enjoy this brings much needed universal life force energy in your entire being. This is the principal reason meditating is so great for you! We’re energetic beings and we NEED universal life force energy so as to survive in the physical body. When the body isn’t breathing correctly, the energy field isn’t being nourished, the chakras, meridians, nadis and lively area become under nourished and disease or sickness starts.

    Final note

    If the ego mind will not stop chattering away, first let it lightly to hush, which you’re interested only in listening to your heart where soul resides. Bring your attention back to your breathing. If you keep bringing up a problem and can not let it go, sometimes it helps to have a pencil and pad of paper handy so you can write a brief word or two about the situation and return to meditating. This appears to help people relax knowing they’ve wrote it down and can return to it later.

    Remember write just a few words and immediately go back to your meditation. I suggest that you just do so if you absolutely have to because this will become a habit also. When you first start to meditate I propose a starting point of ten minutes and then working your way around twenty minutes or more. Initially a suggestion is to find an area that’s private, quiet and distraction free. Once you’ve worked with meditation over a few months you can actually meditate anywhere and start to renew yourself with three to five minute mini meditations breaks during your day.

    This is extremely beneficial if you will need to refresh your mind and relax again. I strongly recommend”mini-medi” breaks! Let’s confront a fact, its fact all of us use the restroom several times a day. Now at the office it is possible to use the toilet and also have a”mini-medi” break. Discuss multi-tasking! There’s absolutely not any excuse why you can not take a few moments to refresh yourself. There’s more to us then just the physical.

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    Balance in all our bodies (physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual) is required to be able to function at optimum functioning level. Look at all the benefits you will receive by making a commitment to practicing meditation on a daily basis for no less than ten minutes. So as to achieve all the advantages you will need to spend time in meditation everyday. Remember that this takes time, practice, patience and dedication. Make certain to pick out a meditation that is right for you and bear in mind, if the tree concept works for you, do it! Happiness comes from inner peace; it’s a frame of mind. Therefore your real source of happiness lies within the power of their mind. Change your thoughts, change your reality. The trick to self-mastery is inside! What reality do you select?

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