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    How To Heal Systemic Candida?

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    Systemic candida can cause a large number of health issues, including irritable bowel (IBS), flu-like symptoms, irregular vision or spots in the eyes, irritability and nervousness, loss of sex drive, migraines and headaches, brain fog, joint pain and muscle aches (fibromyalgia) and in its most severe cases; depression and suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue (CFS) and Chron’s colitis.

    Dietary changes

    Consequently, major dietary changes are required to treat and cure systemic candida. I believe that the most important source of oxygen deficiency in the cells is a chronic deficiency of essential nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. If the mobile body’s nutrient needs are continuously met then every cell will always be replaced with a healthy new cell that will sustain a strong immune system, leading to the human body’s natural ability to maintain both candida and cancer cells.

    The multitude of biochemical reactions and other cellular functions which the smart body performs every second of each day demand these critical nutrients in each and every cell. Therefore, chronic nutrient deficiencies and excessive sugar intake lead to cellular oxygen deficiencies, and finally to disease. Cancer loves sugar because, exactly like with prokaryotic cells and the fungi candida yeast, it is anaerobic. Dr. Warburg demonstrated that the most important cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by the fermentation of glucose. When grapes ferment into wine, the yeast interacts with sugars in the juice to make ethyl alcohol, causing an anaerobic reaction and the release of carbon dioxide.

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    Like cancer, the candida yeast occurs due to sugar fermentation within the cells. Therefore, for cancer and candida (yeast overgrowth) avoidance, the body needs to keep up a steady, healthy respiration of oxygen in the cells, instead of an ongoing sugar fermentation from the cells. In 1924, scientific researcher, Otto H. Warburg, M.D., composed about oxygen connection to the pH of cancer cells inner atmosphere. He firmly believed that there was a direct connection between oxygen and cancer. In his work, “The Metabolism of Tumours,” Warburg revealed that all types of cancer are characterized by two primary conditions: acidosis and hypoxia or lack of oxygen.

    He discovered that cancer and oxygen deficiency go together since he demonstrated that cancer cells are anaerobic and therefore can’t survive in the presence of oxygen. So if they can not feed oxygen, what do you believe cancer cells feed? Yep, that’s right: glucose.


    Only a ketogenic diet may restore the body’s natural balance in the digestive tract. This boosts the immune system, restores a balance of wellness bacteria in the intestine, in addition to oxygen supply to cells. Furthermore, when you remove starchy, higher carbohydrate foods out of your diet, you may obviously supplant them with nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant rich veggies. This provides adequate free-radical fighters and cancer controlling cells to do their job and maintain the damaging cells, thus prolonging your life and enabling your intelligent body to achieve perfect health and well-being.

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