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    How To Prevent A Migraine?

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    The dictionary tells us that the term”migraine” is a Middle French word, altered from the Latin word”hemicrania”, meaning that a pain in 1 half or”hemi” of the mind. To the individual who suffers migraine, the pain may seem larger than that, however. In actuality, the present definition of migraine includes not just recurring, excruciating headache, but also nausea and possible vomiting.

    Good to know

    The dictionary fails to incorporate the many ways that the aura of migraine affects the entire body. It fails to explain the visual disturbances, the noises and scents that aren’t there. Migraine prevention is important to migraineurs since the pain and other symptoms disrupt life almost entirely. We discussed in an earlier post entitled “Best Migraine Prevention Medicines” the fact that lots of medications, non-prescription and prescription, are claimed to have migraine prevention properties.

    Some appear to work for many people, while some are more likely to offer migraine prevention others. There’s some controversy, however, as to whether one should even attempt a migraine prevention medication. As of this article’s writing (early 2007), the FDA has approved four drugs for migraine prevention: propranolol, timolol, topiramate, and divalproex sodium. Amitriptyline, an antidepressant, can be prescribed for migraine prevention. Botox has been used successfully, but isn’t highly advised.

    The down side of using migraine prevention medications is how most of them require the individual to take adequate doses of this medication for a period of time to ascertain the effectiveness. This may make a building adverse effect prior to the victim knows if migraine prevention has been supplied. Physicians often have to experiment, finding the lowest dose that will function without unwanted side effects. Merely for example, think about the side effects of Topamax. The manufacturers of Topamax provide on their site “Important Safety Information about Topamax” under which heading they acknowledge that serious dangers are linked to the medicine. Lowered bicarbonate levels in the blood: This raises blood acidity. In severe reactions, the patient may experience irregular heartbeat or changes in their ability to stay alert. This side effect, if not treated, could eventually increase the chance of developing kidney stones or bone disease.

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    Did you know?

    Hyperventilation, i.e. deep, rapid breathing with a sense of being unable to catch your breath. Increased eye pressure. Such pressure may result in glaucoma and blindness. The warnings continue, end with”more common side effects” such as tingling in your arms and legs, losing your appetite, nausea, diarrhea, and changes on your taste that may result in weight reduction or increase. Many believe the choice of migraine prevention drugs is overly risky, the side effects too many. For those individuals, you will find natural migraine prevention choices.

    One very natural process of migraine prevention is a migraine trigger journal. Make it important by buying a small blank book particularly for the purpose. It’ll cost less than a prescription, and can help you remember to use it. Place the book in a place where you will see it if you aren’t busy. Then gently record your daily meals, activities, weather, etc..

    When a migraine episode strikes, return and notice what you were eating or doing just before its onset. Are you currently stressed by something? Was the weather distinct? As you find a pattern develop, try to remove those things from your life and see if it assists in migraine prevention. Another natural migraine prevention process is biofeedback. In biofeedback, special equipment is used to track physical tension from the migraineur. The objective is to teach the individual to control stress-related physical processes which might lead to migraine. As the individual learns to recognize the physical strain with no gear, he can stop a climbing migraine episode, or at least reduce the consequences.

    Children appear to have a much better response to biofeedback migraine prevention than do adults, probably since they’re open to new procedures and learn them fast. Herbal remedies are also used efficiently for migraine prevention. Butterbur and feverfew seem especially valuable. Butterbur is a shrub-like plant which grows in northern Asia, Europe, and parts of North America. Butterbur extracts are used to treat migraines. Several studies suggest that butterbur is excellent for migraine prevention. In the largest of these studies, 245 migraineurs took butterbur extract or a placebo. After four months of therapy, butterbur was better compared to placebo for migraine prevention. While 75 mg twice per day worked, 50 mg twice a day didn’t. Butterbur’s side effects were mild, and included mild digestive complaints – mostly burping.

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    Final word

    Possible other side effects which weren’t experienced in the analysis include nausea, constipation, fatigue, nausea, indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. Pregnant or nursing women, children, and individuals with liver or kidney disease shouldn’t take butterbur. Please ask your doctor before using this herb. Feverfew, the 2nd herbal remedy, has been used in Europe for centuries for migraine.

    In England, it was particularly popular in the 1980s as an alternative to traditional migraine prevention drugs. Several studies have assessed the efficacy of feverfew for migraine prevention. One examined using a feverfew extract instead of a placebo in 170 migraineurs. Those who took feverfew revealed a substantial decrease in migraine frequency in comparison with people who took the placebo.

    Frequency of migraines decreased by 1.9 migraines per month at the group that took feverfew. In the group taking a placebo, migraine frequency decreased only by 1.3 migraines per month. The choice between migraine prevention through prescription drugs and migraine prevention through natural remedies is yours to create.


    Migraine is a really private experience, and the migraine prevention method that works for you won’t necessarily work for everybody. Before making the decision, get as much info as possible, and don’t rush. Disclaimer: The author isn’t a trained practitioner, and provides the foregoing information for educational purposes only. It’s advised that you seek professional advice from your doctor.

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