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How To Treat Male Stress Incontinence?

Many people assume that stress incontinence only affects women. You may be surprised to know that stress incontinence can also affect men. Involuntary urine leakage is a condition in which a man with this condition can sneeze, cough or lift heavy objects. This condition can also be caused by prostate problems. This is because the prostate grows larger and puts more pressure on the bladder. This makes it more difficult to control the bladder. This condition can be very varied.

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence in men can cause a slight leakage or a complete loss in bladder control. Stress incontinence can be treated with a variety of treatment options. It is important for men to have management strategies in place for male stress incontinence. Because it can take time to treat, it is important that they do so. Finding the right incontinence product is one of the most important strategies.

Incontinence products are essential for men suffering from stress incontinence. Depending on the severity, a man may only require an incontinence pad. However, if the symptoms are severe enough, an adult diaper or incontinence underwear may be required. There are many products that can be used to address the specific needs of men. Online stores that sell adult incontinence products can offer all of these incontinence supplies.

Home Remedies

Men with male stress incontinence may find a variety of home remedies.

  • Limiting the amount and type of beverages you drink is important for men with stress incontinence. Men should stop drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, or other caffeinated beverages. These drinks can cause stress incontinence by irritating the bladder and making it worse. Men with male stress incontinence need to limit their intake of fluids without dehydrating.
  • Lose weight – Extra weight not only puts stress on your heart, lungs, and heart. It also puts stress on the pelvic floor muscles which help regulate and control bladder control. Weight loss is one of the first things doctors recommend to patients with incontinence.
  • Stop smoking – Smokers can often experience incontinence because of the fact that smoking is a bladderirritant. Many smokers also develop chronic coughs, which can make managing stress incontinence worse.
  • Physical therapy – This can include, but is not limited too, Kegel exercise and bladder rehabilitation.