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    Does Diet Affect Acne?

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    Antibiotics as a back acne remedy, creams for the face and numerous home remedies for the body, all to alleviate and heal acne, but is there a better way? Doctors and dermatologists alike have stated that there isn’t any direct link between acne and diet. But they’ve conceded that the compounds released from food could be a catalyst in causing acne.

    Nutritional factor

    Some foods are more conducive to aggravating the digestive tract which might inflame a response, acne. Therefore acne is directly influenced by the digestive tract and indirectly by what is in our diet and external influences such as stress. Proving this by comparing a western diet into an Asian diet and taking a look at the acne problem we can see the difference diet makes and that acne is predominantly a western problem related to diet. High fat content foods include more oil which increases the quantity of oil in and on our skin that may result in excess bacterial growth in the kind of acne.

    Take note

    High fatty foods, sugar, white flour and legumes which are slowly digested have a negative impact on skin and acne. Along with diet, the overuse or in some instances the use of antibiotics can be harmful also. The long term use of antibiotics may lead to immunity to antibiotics and them that are suppressive can hide the issue, but can damage and weaken the immune system. Using antibiotics which can result in digestive problems and a weakened immune system means that we are worsening the acne condition. Adult acne and teenager alike is due to a sluggish digestive system. S

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    The skin

    kin is your bodies way of showing us what is happening inside us, if we’ve got dry, flaky or spotty skin we could see that our digestive system is fighting and our immune system isn’t coping. We then search for treatment alternatives, weather it is a back acne treatment or a remedy for the face or body there are ways we can fix our inner imbalance. By being aware of what we are consuming and how it affects us personally can allow us the freedom to break the acne cycle. Different foods will have different impacts on every one of us and our digestive tract just like how people are affected by allergies in various ways.


    You need to be able to cure or significantly improve you acne by consuming foods that are acceptable for your own body and are processed as they ought to be and by preventing putting additional pressure on your digestive system from stress, or other outside influences. There are several systems and books around that claim by modifying your diet it is possible to improve and eliminate your acne, and provide back acne treatment, body acne relief and acne cures permanently. These products must be dependent on something or there would not be so many and they would not be selling so well.

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