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    How To Cure Breast Cancer?

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    If you’re dealing with breast cancer there is important information you want to know but unfortunately nobody will tell you. Breast cancer isn’t only cancer of the breasts, its cancer of the entire body. We do not get breast cancer, we develop it. Breast cancer is slow growing and has probably been with you for the past ten decades. All cancers grow for a reason and it is this reason you will need to know.

    Breast cancer facts

    Breast cancer isn’t some foreign invader that has suddenly arrived on your body. It takes several years to grow before its big enough to be discovered and the reason it grew is because we aren’t respecting our natural laws and alive as we are supposed to. It’s a deterioration of our immune system, our repair system which keep us healthy and free of diseases that has caused it to look. It’s a modern day issue, primarily in developed countries.

    Unfortunately our orthodox system of remedies aren’t very powerful and this system keeps us ignorant regarding the causes of the problem so we’re helpless about what we can do to assist the body in overcoming it. Also there is nothing in the three mainstream therapies that will stop it from spreading or returning as they only focus on the growths themselves rather than the reasons why these growths appeared.

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    Immune system

    Our immune system is our bodies defence system that has keeps us wholesome through life but as we age it gradually weakens and that is why nearly all people affected by this disorder are middle age. The lack of fresh food in our diets. The ingestion of a lot of food items we were not meant to eat.

    Our sedentary lifestyle that is our lack of exercise. Deficient in vitamin D that we get freely from sunlight. What your body needs is changes that incorporate the requirements of life, what it does not need is poisonous treatments that further damage the body and at best only temporary eliminates some of the cancer. The sad reality is that these treatments are in place now because they pay, not because they cure as all our western medication now days is money orientated. It’s much more important to heal the body and permit the body to remove the growths that it will do.

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    To help the body heal breast cancer your diet has to be freshly grown food, not processed or interfered with by man. Some exercise is important since it strengthens the immune system, fluids to drink that nobody has additional alcohol or processed sugar to and also eliminate the chemicals we’re using and a number of them are in personal care products. Lastly adequate sleep and rest and little sun are also important.


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