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    How to treat Sinus Headaches?

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    Sinus headaches can be very painful and should be treated immediately. Before you can explore the possible remedies, it is important to determine the root cause of the condition. Sinusitis, which is inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages, is most commonly the culprit. Allergies are another common reason for throbbing sinus headaches. This problem can also be caused by nasal polyps, tumors, and other conditions.

    What to do?

    • Compresses or foot baths – This is a natural way to treat sinus headaches. You will need to soak a towel in cold water, then rinse it off and place it on your forehead. After a while, the towel will get warm so you can flip it or dip it in cold water again. You can also use cold and hot compresses, or combine cold compresses (using hot water) with a hot foot bath to relieve sinus pain.
    • Decongestants – These have been used to relieve the pain of severe sinusitis. There are many options for nasal drops, sprays, and pills that can be used as decongestants. You can choose any of the following options, depending on your comfort. You can have your sinusitis treated with jalapeno peppers, and a spicy meal. Although it may sound strange, many sinusitis sufferers have found relief by simply eating jalapeno peppers. Many people find relief from spicy foods like Thai, Cajun, and Mexican. High-spiced meals can cause the sinuses to open up, which in turn helps with headaches.
    • Nasal irrigation – Nasal sprays or nasal irrigation are great ways to relieve sinus headaches. Salty or saline solutions are required to irrigate the nasal passages. Although many saline-based products can be found in health shops, you can make your own at home. Simply add 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 glass of water. It is very easy to irrigate your nasal passages. The procedure to irrigate the nasal passages is simple.
    • Hot water shower – A long hot shower will increase blood flow to the affected area, allowing for the mucus to drain easily.
    • Steam inhalation – This is a popular sinus home remedy. Boil some water in a bowl. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. This amazing sinus treatment can quickly relieve sinus headaches.
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