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    Is Breast Cancer Preventable?

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    Allow me to start off by stating that breast cancer isn’t a death sentence . If detected early it can be treated and the patient may enjoy a complete recovery and a lifetime afterwards. In this particular article I will cover prevention, or as near avoidance as you’re going to get. Unfortunately no matter what preventative measures you take there is always a chance you’ll get breast cancer.


    I will record these preventative measures in plain English and NOT in medical babble. I never could understand half that stuff anyhow.

    • Don’t drink so much. Supposedly there’s a strong connection between alcohol consumption and breast cancer and it does not matter which sort of alcohol it is. They’re all bad. They say to consume less than one drink each day. My spouse has a drink about once per week so I guess she’s okay there. If,however, you do drink, also drink a great deal of citrus juices.
    • Keep your weight down. Supposedly there’s a connection between being overweight and getting breast cancer, especially if you get a whole lot of weight after menopause It appears that the more fatty tissue the more oestrogen you’ve got and higher oestrogen levels are associated with breast cancer.
    • Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. They say at least 30 minutes each day. My spouse and I do an hour but believe me, it is not straightforward.
    • Stay away from fatty foods. I guess that goes hand in hand with maintaining your weight down. They say your fat intake should be no more than 35 percent of your total calories daily. I’m not sure how to figure that out.
    • You might want to check with your doctor on this. That’s one thing my wife and I do not do at all. The last time either of us had an aspirin was 20 years back. Hopefully, that she is skinny is going to be good enough.
    • Avoid hormone therapy. Simply stated, do not do it. It’s not worth the risks merely to prevent hot flushes.
    • Pesticides. This one surprised me but there’s a clear link between exposure to pesticides and breast cancer. So try to use them as little as possible. There are lots of natural ways to kill pests. There are books you can buy on the topic.
    • Antibiotics. Avoid taking them if possible. Excessive use of antibiotics weakens the immune system which increases the chance of getting breastfeeding, or for that matter, any type of cancer. And that is about it in plain English.
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