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    Why to Keep a Migraine Headache Diary?

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    Many suffer from migraines. However, not many people are aware of the triggers that cause them. To pinpoint the source of your migraine headaches, it is worth keeping a migraine headache journal. Time Headache Begin — It could be helpful to track the exact time it began. Time Headache Ended — This can also help pinpoint the cause of your headache.

    Take Note

    • Warning Signs — What were you able to notice before the headache started?
    • The location of pain — Was it at your head, the back of your head, or on the side? These are important entries to your migraine headache diary.
    • Type of Pain — This will help you identify whether your pain is throbbing or piercing. These factors will help you determine what type of headaches you are experiencing and what triggers could be causing them.
    • Other Symptoms — You can identify other symptoms that may have occurred during the pain. nausea, blurred vision, etc. You can use this information to help you identify your triggers.
    • Note the medication taken — Take a note of any medication that was used to treat the headache.
    • Hours of Sleep — It’s a good idea record how many hours you slept the night before your migraine started. Sometimes, a lack of sleep can cause headaches. You need to determine if this is the case.
    • What You ate before — Many people get migraines from food. It is helpful to keep track of what you ate prior to getting headaches.
    • Activities before Headache — It’s a good idea also to keep track of any activities that you did before your headache began.
    • Stressful Events — Migraine headaches are often caused by stress. You can determine if your migraines are stress-related by taking note of any stressful events that happened before the headache started.
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    After keeping a migraine headache diary for a few days, you will be able pinpoint the cause of your migraines and what your triggers are. This information will allow you to prevent migraine headaches in future.


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