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    Vannak hatékony otthoni gyógymódok a sinusokra?

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    Otthoni jogorvoslatok

    These are five home remedies for sinus problems that are non-life-threatening and have been tried by many people with great success. Warm up your body with hot fluid as soon as you feel the first signs of sinus problems, such a runny nose. Make a cup of tea by boiling water and consuming it slowly. The immediate effects of black tea, ginger, peppermint, and Chamomile teas, as well as black teas, have been proven to be effective.

    The combination of honey and lemon juice can also have a great therapeutic effect on your sinuses. You can steep dried herbs like Echinacea and Liquorice in boiling water for a few moments to make tea. Hot chicken broth, a few cloves garlic, a few ginger slices, pepper cones, and an onion can be as effective as tea.

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    Gargle with warm saltwater if your throat is a little red. Some people recommend unprocessed sea salt, which can have a greater effect on inflammation. These are just a few ways to prevent your sinuses getting worse. Inhaling steam can help to clear nasal congestion, which is a common symptom in sinusitis. In a bowl of hot water, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil.

    To decongest your sinuses, you can also use a vaporizer or hot shower. You can relieve block sinuses by spending a few minutes in the sauna at your local gym. Your mucus will begin to loosen, making it easier to blow out. You will feel clean and rejuvenated, and your body and skin will be free from all toxins and impurities. Your sinus health is directly related to your diet.

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    Healthy foods can improve your immune system, which in turn will help your body fight off viruses that may be causing your sinus problems. Avoid processed foods, food coloring, flavor enhancers, and food preservatives. Some foods, such as milk, ice cream and dairy products, can stimulate excess mucus production. Until you notice a change in your sinus health, reduce or eliminate these foods.

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    To ease sinus discomfort, some people have tried spicy foods to increase their nasal circulation. You can try English mustard, Japanese Wasabi and Indian curry as well as Mexican Chili bean and any other spicy dishes. This is a great treatment for facial pressure and pain. Massage the sinus area around your cheekbones gently. Massaging your neck and shoulders can help you relax, release tension, and provide temporary relief.

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    You can make your own therapeutic massage oil using eucalyptus and thyme oil, along with grape seed, sesame or wheat germ oil. To quickly relieve a severe sinus attack, Vick’s VapoRub, or any menthol-containing ointment, can be applied to the sinus area, neck, shoulder, and chest. To aid circulation, open blocked cavities and thin out mucus, you can place a warm towel or face-pack over your sinus area. Exercise is important to maintain your sinus health and overall health. A quick walk or jog in your neighborhood for ten to 15 minutes can help open the nasal passages and reduce swelling.

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