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    Vannak jó tippek a méhviasz gyertyák készítéséhez?

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    Candles were once the only light source for every home in the globe. It’s only natural that beeswax, a byproduct from honey production, would be used to make this household necessity. There are some things you need to remember when making beeswax candles. You will need to take extra precautions when making beeswax candles.

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    When making beeswax candles, it is important to ensure that the wax does not exceed 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The wax will start to discolor if it is heated beyond this temperature. The material used to make the candle molds can also cause discoloration. You should only use stainless-steel or plastic molds when making beeswax candles. Aluminum molds, although they are cheaper than steel, can cause wax to darken.

    This is not an issue if you don’t mind spending more money, but if you want to keep the rich yellow color of beeswax, you should stick with stainless steel or plastic. Beeswax makes a great wax for hand-dipping candles. Although it is simple, the process can be messy. Simply choose the size you want, then double it and add 6 inches. This will give you the length of the wick. You will then need to melt the wax in a large container over simmering water. The taller the container, the better. This will give you more space for dipping. Hang a dowel at a convenient place where your candles can cool.

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    To catch any drips, place some newspaper under the dowel. Otherwise you’ll spend the day scraping the floor of wax. Once you have dipped the wicks in the wax, simply suspend them over the dowel and let them cool between each layer. After you are done, trim the bottom so they are ready for use. Remember that beeswax candles will have a different ratio of color to fragrance than other wax types. Beeswax has a high density, which is both one of its greatest strengths and a challenge. The wax’s density makes candles last forever.

    However, crystallization is a problem because it is so dense. Many people don’t scent or color their beeswax. It has a natural golden yellow color and a light honey smell. It can be very simple to make beeswax candles, especially if your bees are pure. Wholesale beeswax can be quite expensive. Candle makers know that beekeepers are your best friends when making beeswax candles. Many beekeepers will sell their wax for a very low price or give it away for free in exchange for your candles.

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