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    How Does Nutrition Boost Your Immune System?

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    Every daywe hear about some substance or ingredient which research has shown to be toxic or harmful to our bodies. For a number people, the effects are readily apparent. For instance, I know people who get headaches whenever they consume aspartame. Some people fight allergies symptoms constantly. Still others seem more likely to catching all of the cold or flu viruses that pass by.

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    You might be among the rare lucky ones. You regularly consume peanuts using their moldy skins, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners as well as gluten free products with no apparent symptoms. You go about your life worry-free concerning the particular food choices you make. Your workout regularly and you’re fit and strong. Meanwhile, within the body, a war is waging. When you eat the first toxic substance, such as those moldy peanuts, then your immune system reacts immediately.

    Your body sends white blood cells, enzymes and everything else in its arsenal to keep the toxin from damaging cells. Then you add chemicals and gluten free and the next wave of inner battles ensues. Eventually, you add an overload of sugar and starch as well as your metabolism goes into overload. You’re one of the smarter ones and you use sugar substitutes so that you can continue to enjoy sweet tasting foods.

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    Unfortunately, your body recognizes these as glucose and it creates an insulin reaction, just as it does with actual sugar. As the battle wages, the food you eat to nourish your body isn’t receiving the attention it deserves. Your system is so busy digesting and neutralizing toxins it can’t correctly convert nutrients to support your immune system, cellular health and other physiological functions. Somehow, you’re miraculously fighting off each of these substances with no apparent side effects. Imagine then, if something far more challenging arrives on the scene in the midst of the war which has taxed all your resources.

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    Rather than limiting its intake, this item is alive and it needs to occupy your body and convert your DNA to its own format. Left unchecked, it is going to replicate quickly and destroy your cells in the procedure. Yes, that’s precisely how a virus works. Like viruses, bacteria are also living and desire to replicate quickly.


    Many of these dangerous bacteria feed on the sugars which are plentiful in the digestive tract and blood flow. The result is inflammation and infections which could be tricky to control. While we’re on the topic of sugars, they are feeding the growth of fungi, candida and even cancer cells within your body. Here comes another layer of dwelling toxic organisms determined to feed the substances you eat and struggle for their own preservation, none. An over-taxed immune system will buckle in the arrival of some of these living organisms. This isn’t a fair fight. You did not even know that you created the atmosphere for the fight by ingesting those toxins along with the sugars to feed the pathogenic organisms. Sometimes the harm done by these organisms may take years to appear.

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    By then, the damage is extensive and could be extremely tough to overcome. The fantastic thing is that you can avoid a lot of the battle. You control the amount of the toxins in your body by deciding to consume them. Throttle back the ingestion and the immune system has to work a bit less to keep your healthy equilibrium. Eliminate them, even for a short period and your immune system requires a rest. Shift your diet into a nutritional strategy. Consciously decide what to eat at each meal for its nutrient value , not just what you think tastes good. Your immune system and your digestive tract will benefit you by warding off those dangerous living organisms.


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