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    BerandaObat RumahApa yang harus dilakukan untuk Anak dengan Migrain?

    Apa yang harus dilakukan untuk Anak dengan Migrain?

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    Did you know that migraine headaches can affect children? According to one online resource, around 10% of children suffer from this health condition. Migraine headaches can affect children as young as five-years-old. What causes migraine headaches in children, though? The same factors that cause migraine headaches in adults also affect children. Migraines can be caused by genetics, certain drugs and food, as well as emotional and physical stress, and geological factors.

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    Migraine headaches in children may also be caused by an underlying infection or secondary head trauma. How can you tell if your child has migraines or headaches. What are the symptoms? Children can experience mild to severe discomfort, pain in the forehead, temples, and eye area. This is similar to adults’ migraines. You should look out for signs such as irritability and uncontrollable crying.

    Children may experience severe abdominal pain as an alternative to headaches. Light and sound sensitivity can also cause stomach pain. It is possible to experience more pain if you make loud, obnoxious noises, or if there are strong smells and odors. It is best for children with migraine symptoms to be in dimly lit rooms. The pain can usually be relieved by deep, uninterrupted sleep. It is important to visit your doctor for a consultation, as well as reliable prescription medications and over-the-counter analgesics.

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    Home remedies can also be helpful in relieving migraines and headache symptoms, as well as synthetic drugs. Migraine headaches can also be managed with preventive measures. We have already discussed the fact that migraines can also be caused by diet and food choices. Foods that can aggravate the migraines symptoms are processed and canned foods, soy and beans, chocolate and preservatives.

    Moreover, parents should be careful in giving over the counter medicines. High doses of drugs can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Talk to your doctor if you aren’t sure what to give your child. This will ensure that you know what you are giving to your child.

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    Parents and their significant others can also teach their children about the importance of regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Some children can prevent migraine attacks by exercising. Exercising too often or engaging in physical activity can make the condition worse. To determine if your migraine headaches are caused by brain tumors, you should check your child’s balance, dexterity and language.

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