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Is There A Proper Migraine Diet?

Medical professionals recommend that patients eat a healthy diet and exercise when treating migraine. This is to help the body function at its best and to alleviate the symptoms. Many migraine sufferers wish their doctors could provide a meal plan to help them with the migraine. There is no specific diet for migraines, just as there is no treatment. There is a healthy diet that can make you feel better and prevent certain diseases.

Healthy Diet

This diet is recommended for migraine sufferers and consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, grains. It also includes low-fat milk products, lean protein, nuts, and beans. When making food choices, it is important to consider migraine food triggers. A migraine attack can be started by eating yogurt, nuts, and beans. It is best to avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, nuts, and beans if a migraineur has identified his trigger.

Certain foods should be avoided, including those high in saturated fats, salt, and sugar. Here are eggs, cakes, and colas. Also, alcohol should be avoided. This would be easy for migraineurs as red wine and beer are common triggers. It is difficult to eliminate certain ingredients from everyday food, as they are not easily visible.


These substances include tyramine, which is found in cheeses, nuts and yogurt; nitrates that are used to preserve meats and found on hotdogs and bacon; MSG (a flavor enhancer used in Chinese dishes), and phenylethylamine, which is found in chocolate, garlic, and onion. It takes time and effort to determine a food trigger.

Different food triggers can cause migraines. It is possible for one food to trigger an attack while another may be affected by a combination of many foods. A migraine diary is a great way to identify a trigger. It records the food eaten and the occurrences of attacks. The sufferer will begin to notice a pattern in the foods they should avoid after several months. The record will not only identify the triggers but also indicate if there are any other factors that can trigger migraines. Documentation will make it easier to see the correlations between attacks and triggers.


Once the migraine sufferer has determined the relationship between certain foods and migraine, he should eliminate them from his diet for several days. To avoid abrupt lifestyle changes, the elimination of food should be done phase by phase. It is important to ensure that essential vitamins and minerals are not lost. Keep records of food and the incidence of attacks. This must be done only after consulting with the doctor. It is important for migraineurs to eat right and to eat it in the right manner. This is how you can find the right migraine diet.