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    Sapevi questo sul cervello?

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    The chief commander of the central nervous system is your Brain. It contains billions of neurons each connected to other neurons by synapses. They communicate via axons that carry the messages to our body cells. Our mind has unique abilities to acquire, perceive, process and store data.


    Brain researchers are very comfortable and knowledgeable about the operations of human brain cells, but they still don’t understand how brain cells collaborate in groups of cells. Some would consider the mind to be as a biological computer, but this assumption and modelling is far from reality and can’t mimic the complexity of the brain. The basic brain functions like breathing, regulating heart beats, controlling movement and other basic skills were understood to scientists from fossil records appeared in worms many million years back.

    Since then our mind went through development processes of acquiring more and more complex functions and special abilities. These skills include among others psychological, fighting and sexual behaviors located in recently evolved brain areas. The mind needs continuous supply of glucose and oxygen for its own function. These needs are provided by the blood system.

    Lo sapevi?

    Our mind needs its own nourishments like the rest of our body. That’s the reason we feel at our best mental function after a nutritious meal or slow and exhausted when we do not eat satisfactorily on time or eat unhealthy food. Our brain’s main energy supply is carbo fuel. Our body has the capacity to convert carbohydrates from food like oatmeal or brown rice to sugar. Accordingly, we must create a daily source of about 60 percent of our calories from carbohydrates.

    To create neurotransmitters or compounds that allow brain cells to communicate, our mind needs nourishment, such as: egg white, legumes or fish. Our body breaks down the protein to amino-acids which influence our cognition and mood, such as dopamine, which help us to be alert. Along with protein, our mind needs fatty acids, which can be generated from Omega-3&6 fatty acids, olive oil and whole grain.

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    Minerals and vitamins

    Our brain also requires a range of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins B, E, magnesium, iron and calcium. To get those vitamins we must eat fresh food in a variety of colors. Brain capacity is unknown. We are aware that our mind have a good deal of storage capacity and processing power, but we do not know how to judge its true capacity. A popular assumption is that our brain’s capacity is 10 times larger than anyone’s estimate.

    Our brain contains trillions of neurons, with a enormous number of complex interconnections. What differ from brain-to-brain are the kinds of neurons and the particular neurochemical interaction among the neurons. It’s interesting to notice that the construction of clusters of neurons and their unique interconnections might have an impact on the ability to learn and an effect on rate of reaction and understanding time to intellectual stimulations.

    At birth, our brain is quite plastic, that is, its capacity to process and keep sensory information is extremely high. Neuronal connections are created, broken and regenerated, which suggests that early educational and environmental stimulations are vital for the child’s development. This is the crucial period of the growth of the child’s linguistic, cognitive and social skills. A classical question is if the infant brain is empty, a tabula rasa, at birth.


    Sleep is critical for our brain. We spend about thirty percent of our life . Our survival and quality of life is dependent upon qualitative and adequate sleep. Our everyday responses and concentration during our varied activities are determined by our sleep. When we analyse patients with sleep disorders in sleep-labs, we observe the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which correspond to brain activities during deep sleep and associated with dreams. Generally speaking REM sleep begins after about an hour and half after falling asleep.

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    Most of our dreams occur in this period of sleep. All of us dream and it takes really about two hours each night. For us separately the time might require far more than that. The most vibrant and real dreams we encounter during the REM sleep. During our life the brain could be exposed to a lot of diseases. It’s been known for many years that Alzheimer’s begins in a brain region called the lateral entorhinal cortex (LEC). This area of the brain is regarded as a significant factor accountable for our long-term memory.

    Alzheimer may spread in the LEC to other regions of the cerebral cortex, a brain area involved in spatial orientation and navigation. We humans haven’t only consciousness, we also have self-awareness. The significant difference is that consciousness is consciousness of our own body and our environment, while self-awareness is the recognition of the consciousness.

    Nota finale

    Our mind is constantly sending signals to our body cells and organs, sometimes the signs are required for our everyday functionality, cell warnings and repairs. If we don’t understand those warning signs or we ignore them, it may result in specific ailments, addictions and even death. This schizophrenic/symbiotic individual dialogue between “my mind and I” is critical for our brain’s survival. The more “I” knows the mind’s requests/messages the greater the probability that the mind will function properly and simultaneously will meet the requirements of”I” as well.

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