Are There Particularly Foods For Weight Loss?

Before I detail out – especially for weight loss – top 10 superfoods (among several others), allow me to tell you something. I’m in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years now; such enormous experience has made me realize that weight loss, weight reduction or weight care (overall good health) directly depends upon the given four variables which are vital and keep diseases at bay.

Eat everything

Each and every veggie, fruit, fish, dried fruit, meat, poultry, grain, legume, lentil, olive oil, butter, cheese, clarified butter, salt, sugar, coffee, tea – all have one or another health benefit. If you wish to eat healthier and lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s still not late; BUT you should have understanding of the benefits.This knowledge isn’t just for you, but for the upcoming generation also – you need to show them the right way to a healthy and fit life.

Yes, if someone suffers from some significant health problem (s), then clearly he or she needs to be briefly cautious with what to eat and what to eat. This is a different story entirely. Eat “moderation” – yes, this is the KEY to a good, healthy, wholesome lifestyle. Say NO to processed foods – I know we’re leading busy lifestyle and it isn’t always possible to keep a check on whether we’re eating processed or unprocessed food. Still, try to avoid eating processed foods as much as possible – for your own good health to begin with.


You must add these top superfoods for your diet, maybe daily diet – at least thrice a week – and feel the difference (provided you do not eat crap or empty – calorie foods with superfoods). But obviously, you must provide time – do not expect miraculous weight loss immediately! Yes, you’ve read it right; add these nutrition – dense superfoods to your daily diet ASAP to derive maximum health benefits – particularly where weight loss is concerned.

This veggie tops my list of superfoods and is contained in my everyday diet. It’s an outstanding source of fiber, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. Large quantity of vitamin C in broccoli functions as an fantastic immune booster and folate helps maintain good cardiovascular health. The fiber promotes outstanding digestive health and helps lower LDL. Eating broccoli daily helps in reducing inflammation of muscles, particularly in people that are very much into sports and fitness center.

Take note

Beans (be it kidney, spherical, black, white, series – whatever) have always been compared to beef concerning calories and have been regarded as meat substitute. An exceptional source of iron, protein, fiber and water, beans help in weight loss in a wholesome way. Out of all of the kinds of beans available, white beans steal the show where iron content is concerned – it’s extremely high. You can either cook beans individually or mix beans with several other foods – either way, it’s extremely healthy. For that matter, fresh green beans are great and help in weight reduction. I’ve found that most people, that are trying to drop weight, are scared to eat nuts – pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts.

Nuts have been blamed as what “adds to bodyweight”. It’s true if you go overboard with nuts which have 80 percent fat and very substantial calorie contentand overeat; it isn’t true if you eat nuts in moderation.Nuts are powerhouse of protein, minerals and vitamins, and the fat content is to some degree healthful for those who have heart disease. Out of all of the nuts accessible, almonds have the lowest calorie content. Full of calcium, vitamin E and fiber, almonds improve your skin condition and feel, and helps fight cancer. A daily dose of 6 to 8 almonds is beneficial for good health. Therefore, if you’re scared to eat nuts, leave your fear aside where almonds are involved.

Known as a fish with a lot of fat content, understand that this “too much fat” is very beneficial as it has very substantial omega 3 fatty acid content.This fat really helps in lowering your LDL (by raising the amount of HDL which aids in removing LDL in the arteries) and heart – related ailments. Rich in vitamins C, K and A, in iron and protein and with quite calorie, spinach is an exceptional veggie that assists in weight reduction. Otherwise also, it’s extremely valuable for health, especially for people who suffer from anemia. You can consume it in almost any form – raw, cooked, soup, salad, whatever way you like – it works wonders.

Yet another veggie for men and women that are on weight loss, it’s known to contain vitamins K and C in high volume, and folate. It will help to keep RBCs very healthy. You can consume it in almost any form – raw, cooked, soup, salad, whatever way you prefer. If you wish to boost and boost your immune system and lose weight, this veggie has enough vitamins B6 and A, and carotene as an fantastic healthier food.

Known to aid in losing weight, the low – carbohydrate blackberries include vitamins K and C, fiber, and are excellent antioxidants. Blackberries are great breakfast option. Yet another fruit (both white and red ) known to lose additional weight, red grapefruits include vitamins C and A, and pantothenic acid. This acid helps the body to change the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats ) in good sources of energy.

White grapefruits contain potassium (helps with muscle cramps), vitamin C and folate. Both white and red are excellent breakfast choice. My all – time favorite! Excellent to reduce visceral fat across the stomach, green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and EpiGalloCatechinGallate (EGCG). This EGCG is proven to reduce growth of certain cells that cause cancer.


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