Can Bananas Cause Migraines?

There can be several factors that result in the onset of one’s migraines. One particular factor is diet plan related. The meals items trigger your migraines because they contain some chemical substances. One of these brilliant chemical substances is called tyramine. As tyramine is really a predominant composition in bananas, it has led many to question: Are bananas a result in to migraine headaches?

Let’s see…

It is very important first have some understanding in what occurs during a migraine, to be able to describe how tyramine may tripped your headaches. In most situations, and the condition is normally associated with phonophobia, photophobia and nausea or vomiting or sometimes vomiting. The precise cause of migraine continues to be under contention.

Still there’s some consensus by professionals that migraines are the effect of a reduction in blood circulation to the brain cells. that is set off by certain external factors. Furthermore, it appears that people who have migraines due to dietary factors seem to be deficient in enzymes had a need to break down tyramine.

Be aware

Some medications used to take care of depression (such as for example Nardil, Marplan and Parnate) furthermore hinder the process of wearing down tyramine. The best type of treatment for migraines because of food triggers is avoidance. Upon determining that you will get severe migraine attacks because of sensitivity to a specific food, you should exclude it from your own diet.

Once occur, migraine can be extremely painful and will be difficult to take care of. Consuming drugs for treatment is not a choice that you want to use too often because you can get rebound headaches (due to taking an excessive amount of medication).


Closely supervising your diet are a good idea in preventing migraine head aches. It is not a straightforward exercise to precisely know what your food intolerances or allergy symptoms are. You may want to seek the assist of a professional professional because of this process. However, in case you are prosperous in determining any potential foods triggers, you’ll get immense rest from reducing the regularity and severity of your migraines. Removing banana pancakes from your own diet will not be this type of bad idea in the end!


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