Did You Know These Facts About Acne?

Acne can be described in several ways but possibly the most common explanation is of getting lesions on the skin, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or red bumps. Some teenagers will uneventfully develop a small acne just to have it vanish. Some will have it finally subside only to have it return a brief time later but eventually outgrow it.


Then there are those which never outgrow their acne and continue to take care of it throughout much of the adult life. Provided that the body is producing hormones, the potential for acne is present. Acne appears to be on the upswing. Dermatologists are really unsure as to why this might be but the simple fact remains that acne is on the upswing and doctors are now treating more adults than they’re treating teenagers.


There may be many distinct reasons for this with one being that there are remedies now available for adult acne in which there was not much available a couple of generations ago. Some dermatologists assert approximately eighty percent of individuals, kids and adults alike, will develop some degree of acne throughout their lives. It’s a very common skin problem in america and several over the counter remedies are available which can help alleviate the symptoms. Acne is usually associated with pores.

Pores are the very small openings located within the epidermis and are essentially found nearly everywhere on the human body. Unknown by lots of people is that a large part of those pores have tiny little hairs that extend from them. Pores that are diagnosed with acne often have the internal lining tissues, hair and all, abnormally sticky and clogged. The resulting appearance of that which we call blackheads or pimples become present and finally the common whitehead. The most important thing is that acne is in fact all about your hair follicles and your hormones. There are dozens and dozens of hormones in the body, which are responsible for controlling a lot of the way we look, feel and think.


The hormones called androgens appear to cause the cause of acne. Androgens are created by both sexes and as soon as they’re produced, these hormones are continuously flowing through the system. Androgens will be produced by the testes and ovaries when the child reaches a certain level of maturity. When this maturity happens, pimples may begin to appear but no time sooner. It’s all about hormones. What follows is the hair liner in the pores overreacts to the hormone androgen and then become enlarged and irritated.

Stress factor

Some studies indicate that stress is an acne associated element. Stress affects many distinct functions within the body, which very well might cause elevated levels of androgens from the system. This then contributes to the overreacting of the follicles leading to the inflammation once more. Stress may interfere with sleep, eating and basic hygiene, which may result in the skin issues. Normally, our skin does reflect our physical and psychological well-being. What can you do about preventing and or correcting the issue of acne is of primary concern. Probably, the most important practice has to be the cleansing and improvement of the abnormal pores which are inflamed. They have to be made healthy again to say it simply. Once this is achieved, the unsightly blemishes and pimples will no longer be present and new pimples won’t reappear. With no clogged pore in the first place, the entire process of getting inflamed will be avoided.


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