Do Onions Improve Vision?

The role of nutrition in enhancing eyesight health is well documented in several scientific research studies. There are particular foods that protect the health of the eyes and also lower the incidence of eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.


When it comes to a category of vegetables that enhance our eyesight it’s easy to consider vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, carrots and Brussels sprouts. However, you will likely be amazed to know that onions are also from the category of foods which do improve eyesight health. Onions have often earned a poor reputation as some people today tend to loathe them as they burn your eyes when you slice them up.

Nevertheless, did you realize that this food to your eyes is truly full of vitamins, minerals and minerals that support healthy eyesight? In case you did not know, here are some health benefits of onions for greater vision health.

Take note

Onions are a part of the family of vegetables called alliums. This eye food is known as one of the most frequently cultivated type of vegetables with close cousins such as chives, Chinese and garlic onions to mention a few. These veggies come out of a subcategory of foods that are richer. They have medicinal healing properties that protect the heart and the immune system from free radicals which destroy healthy cells in the body.

Onions have sulfur compounds which are responsible for making a vital antioxidant that’s very important in protecting eye health known as L- Gluatathione. This specific antioxidant protects against oxidative damage in the eyes by strengthening and protecting the eye lens. This antioxidant protection lowers the incidence of eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.


Because of the fact that eating onions increases L- Glutathione levels, the antioxidant activity of the master antioxidant protects the health of the eye and reduces the risk for cataract formation. Additionally, red onions consist of quercetin; another crucial vision promoting nutrient which plays a part in improving poor eyesight and preventing cataract formation.

Onions have a nutrient known as quercetin that boosts heart health and decreases the risks for cancer. Onions also have shown promise concerning hypoallergenic properties. As an example, in scientific laboratory research studies, they perform the part of anti-histamines that help prevent allergic reactions in the body.

Final note

Onions also have a component called inulin. This substance is a water soluble form of dietary fiber that has a beneficial impact on encouraging the healthy function of the digestive tract thereby preventing many digestive difficulties. This is a result of how it nourishes beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Research indicates that eating flavonoid rich foods such as onions really reduces bacteria in the gut that leads to stomach ulcers. Therefore, onions are a excellent nutritional treatment for stomach ulcers.


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