Do You Know The Ingredients In Acne Fighting Products?

While different acne products work in various ways and are therefore based on substantially different materials, going through the listed ingredients of the vast majority of them reveals a range of common occurrences: ingredients that are sure to be found in some form in virtually every acne fighting product.

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Perhaps the most common ingredient in acne products – happening even in the so-called’organic’ acne products is alcohol. The use of alcohol in the battle against acne appears to be one of eliminating oils (and other elements of dirt) that normal soaps are not able to eliminate, seeing that it’s accumulation of these oils and other elements of grime that’s responsible for many cases of acne that make worse. Alcohol is the element that’s responsible for that stinging effect that many acne products have a tendency to induce.

Talking of alcohol as an ingredient in acne fighting products, it’s crucial, however, to be aware that use of acne products containing it may be discouraged for the more complex cases of acne. Another quite common ingredient in acne products is benzoyl peroxide. What benzoyl peroxide does in the battle against acne is to rid the skin of those bacteria which tend to be resident on it, from their appreciation of the fact it is such bacteria which are responsible for corrosion of acne in many cases – from becoming a’only a disfiguring condition’ to being really a potentially debilitating condition.

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Further down the list of common ingredients in Acne fighting product is Isotrenion – that attempts to fight acne directly at is heart, seeing that it’s the over-production of skin oil (sebum) that is considered the major correlative element for acne; so that people whose skins create a whole lot of sebum are almost always bound to find themselves fighting with acne sooner or later. So what Isotrenion does is to decrease the creation of the excessive sebum.

While at it, Isotrenion goes further to decrease the inflammation caused by acne, which makes it an indispensable ingredient in most synthetic Acne fighting product. Sulfur and Salicyclic acid would be the other very common ingredients in Acne fighting product. Like Isotrenion, what sulfur does in the battle against acne is to inspect the production of excess sebum from the skin (understanding the correlation between such excessive sebum acne and production ); while also helping in ridding the skin of dead skin cells, which regular cleaning with soap may not be very effective at removing.


It’s noteworthy, however, that no acne products is composed of sulfur alone, but it is more commonly added as a supplement to other Acne fighting product. Salycyclic acid, on the other hand, is the ingredient in the majority of acne products which is responsible for eliminating the whiteheads that are characteristic of virtually all acne instances – and which are actually masses of dead cells resident directly in the middle of hair follicles onto the skin. What exactly Salycyclic acid does is eliminate those dead skin cells that ordinary soap cleaning may never eliminate.


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