Have you ever tried Intuitive Health Readings to Recovery?

For those people who accept the assumption that the reason for disease is active in origin, finding a way to get the information contained inside the body can be central to recovery.

Intuitive Wellness Reader

However, in times of stress, illness or psychological imbalance, keeping objective perspective can be difficult if not impossible. Yet perspective together with consciousness is what we will need to understand what is currently occurring. When traditional diagnostics find little or inconclusive natural cause and modern medicine fails to deliver a “cure,” we search for a deeper form of recovery.

Turning to an intuitive wellness reader may be a valuable aid when projection and fear cloud our personal perception of our being. A reader can perceive patterns which an X-ray cannot see, that blood work doesn’t define. Things the reader sees may differ from what’s shown up on an X-ray, by way of instance, or they might confirm medical findings. There may be additional areas that appear in an intuitive wellness reading that haven’t been apparent in the traditional diagnostics.

These findings may indicate regions where disease isn’t active, but in which patterns of thought and emotion can eventually manifest in a physical malady. The reader may also see places where energetic “scar tissue” is different from past traumas, areas which have the potential for reactivation in times of undue stress if the routines and triggers underlying them have been solved.

Intuitive Reader’s Abilities

How much or how little a professional sees depends upon the reader’s abilities, the openness of the client to permit complete access to their own energy field and the intensity of current concerns. Assuming most readers try for thoroughness, there might be certain circumstances where distress or illness is so severe that the majority of the reading will relate to the present crisis. Perhaps later, after addressing the prominent issues or the customer’s angst moves into a lower pitch, a broader assessment, an intuitive health checkup, as it were, will be possible.

If you work with a skilled and compassionate practitioner, one of the principal advantages is a clearly private relationship that transcends the sterile clinical nature of this one which is so often the hallmark of western medical science. With the ability of the reader to see bodily constructions, you have the chance to get a more holistic picture of your health condition than may be given by the multitude of expensive and special tests offered by traditional medicine.

While I would by no means recommend that you forgo the assistance of healthcare professionals, an intuitive wellness reading may be a very helpful augmentation to modern medical aid. To put it simply, an intuitive may identify matters that medical science can’t. Aura viewings may provide you with a picture of your present emotional state; chakra evaluations can notify you of imbalances and approaches to work with the chakras to better align with your energetic system. Perception of energy flow across the spine and thence to different physiological systems can reveal where energy might be lean, obstructed, pooled or excessive.

An additional advantage of a skilled reader is the ability to feel delicate psychological states and notify you as to their potential effects on your health and well-being. Perhaps among the most persuasive arguments for an intuitive reading is that it’s totally non-invasive in the physical sense. No needles, no drugs, no radiation is involved in this sort of scan. You don’t need to be present for the reading. You might get information which you can use towards your recovery and the opportunity to discuss the results with your reader if you require further elucidation of the facets of the reading. It’s at its heart, a gentle practice, one which brings light to the darkened room.

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