How Harmful Is Depression?

Many people go through some kind of depression at many points in our life. It can be detrimental to your health if it has arrived at the stage when a person becomes unable to sleep, lacks the desire to consume, and loses focus and concentration. It isn’t necessarily bad, but if you learn how to manage it in a positive manner.


The issue is, though some of us can bounce back into our pre-depressive condition without need for medical treatment, others allow their depression to take control of their own lives or deal with depression by doing things that are bad for their health. Resorting to comfort foods. Comfort foods are foods that provide immediate gratification. Usually they come in the kind of junk foods, and junk foods are precisely what they are – crap.

They’re loaded with empty calories that make you fat, salt that affects your kidneys and leaves you bloat, artificial preservatives and ingredients that actually don’t do anything more than poison your body. Comfort foods can make you fat, which has lots of complications, diabetes and heart disease among them. Food binging. Depressed people may resort to what experts refer to as”going on a food binge”, particularly involving foods which are high in fat and sugar content. Such foods increase or increase the production of serotonin and endorphin, the brain chemicals that are thought to be greatly accountable for creating one “feel good”.

Take note!

As the mixture of high fat-high sugar tends to be addictive, going on a food binge will have a number of untoward consequences to a person’s health over time. Cigarette smoking. Some folks learn how to smoke from the need to feel relaxed. The chemicals in cigarettes give them a euphoric sense. But these very same chemicals can also affect your health in numerous ways. They could interfere with the normal process of oxygenation, depriving your cells of essential nutrients and affect blood flow, causing hypertension and worsening heart ailments.

Avoid This!

Cigarette smoking may also affect your skin, your lungs, in addition to several other organs of the body. Resorting to illegal drugs. People that are depressed escape from reality through the use of prohibited drugs. Drugs, like the likes of bliss, can certainly provide one with a feeling of euphoria. But the effects of these drugs are much worse than those of cigarette smoking. Reliance on illegal drugs can harm your mind; it may make you delusional, and worse, make a criminal out of you. Excessive alcohol drinking. Among the places you’ll find depressed individuals in are pubs, taverns, and bars.

Many depressed individuals find comfort in alcoholic drinks. But while wine, that is an alcoholic beverage, is considered heart-friendly, too much consumption of red wine is not good due to the alcohol content as well as the calories. Too much alcohol can affect your frame of mind, which makes you do things you would not have otherwise done. Oversleeping. There’s a tendency for depressed people to oversleep, like they could literally sleep away their problems. Well, they can not.

Final note

Sleeping on your issues will only make matters worse for you. You will just end up feeling more miserable than ever, lifeless, with no energy, and with your mind weighing a ton. Taking over one’s life. In very extreme cases when depression becomes quite severe, an individual might be led to commit suicide. Most certainly, these aren’t how you should cope with depression, however bad it might appear. You have to learn how to control depression before it affects your health and your life.


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