How To Pick The Right Acne Treatment?

By taking a look at the huge collection of over the counter drugs, and pleased with the pep talk of the salesman, you believe that you’re going to win over your skin! But you also know the fundamental truth- there isn’t any entire remedy, until this season, that guarantees you the true treatment of acne.

What is happening?

Strange are the happenings in this modern age. You’ve assembled mighty ships, and giant airplanes. You have made it to the moon and are going to challenge the mars! But you don’t understand about this acne, these easy whiteheads and blackheads! Acne has a cosmopolitan approach. It does not target the specific section of humanity.

Babies, kids, teens, adults, women and senior citizens- it strikes all! Since you don’t understand the entire cure for your acne, you want to develop a specific strategy to take care of it. With acne on the march now, who are your enemies right now? Oil glands- that can be engaged in production of oil, bacteria- which cause the acne eruption or dead skin cells- which cause clogged pores? You will need to treat and attack every one of them. Each of these is capable of causing maximum damage to your acne condition. They have to be eliminated.

Skin care

The earliest and the best acne skin care treatment is Benzoyl Peroxide. It’s offered in the form of gels, lotions and creams. Its main job is to fight germs, on the surface of the skin. It dries and peels the skin and so comprises the acne. In the majority of the skincare and acne products, this can be used. You will need to take it for four to six weeks, to find the full results. Antibiotics are the next line of defense in the acne skin care treatment. They take good care of the bacteria. Antibiotics will be the part of several lotions, lotions and gels.

They are primarily given as part of the oral drugs. They’re Erythromycin, Tetracycline and Clindamycin. The antibiotics have the anti-inflammatory impact that go to decrease the swelling and redness of acne eruptions. As already indicated, acne is the outer manifestation on the skin, the internal impurities. While the majority of these medicines look after the outer element of the skin, there are certain medicines that travel deep to the skin. A prescription medicine like Adapalene lowers the build-up of dead skin cells inside the pores.


Most of these skin care products may or may not reveal unwanted side effects on the users. Some of those side effects may even be detrimental to your general health, should they surface. So, consultation with the physician is sincerely advised, prior to going for such over the counter drugs.


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