How To Prevent Avian Flu?

Offered here is distilled study and commentary presented by reputable third parties on mad cow, avian influenza, hoof & mouth, MS, HIV/AIDS and many others. The third parties presented here are researchers without a product to sell, or established, reliable journalistic reports, including one from National Public Radio (NPR).

Mad Cow

For mad cow, a researcher who recently presented his findings in the Geneva Health Conference and was interviewed in the name: Micro Eco-Farming, says to place kelp from the animal’s daily feed, and possibly on their pastures. He remarks that this should stop the virus from its original form, and we’ll have to see what happens with the mutated virus, whether it runs its course, a natural immunity develops, or whether it may also be treated this way. NPR recently reported how the Avian flu mutation began in unhealthy factory farming conditions.

There are additional reports by Small Farm Journal that multinational corporations that stand to make amazing profits are, in that time of panic, attempting to enforce a management system where animal owners will be forced, by law, to buy animal control microchip mechanics made by their own firm, with high fines for people who don’t comply, and instantaneous euthanasia of the animals upon any distress regardless if whether the animals are demonstrated to be resistant to these diseases.

Be alert

Be alert to the standard human panic response to over control every time there’s a new outbreak, placing more power in the hands of a few who earn profits out of their control suggestions. Some are attempting to indicate all birds be kept perpetually inside buildings in the future to prevent avian flu. If one virus mutated in such conditions, it will not be the last. Avoidance of the organic world would also not permit any natural immunity to be created.

Avian flu

For people: Ode Magazine simply states to maintain your body’s immune system strong, just as you would for any influenza (vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, etc.). Even infectious bronchitis still kills diminished people, so just keep your immunity strong. 10 or 20). Up to now, the simplest way is with daily foods in the sea. Supplements come close but do not appear to cover the whole spectrum yet (even if they claim to), even though there’s research into achieving full spectrum from the sea for people. HIV/AIDS and MS are further discussed on this website.


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