How To Treat Acne?

How often have you heard the guarantee of fast-acting cures, overnight success stories and wonder cures for your acne breakouts? By now, hopefully, you’re sufficiently armored against such upward, designed simply to get a fast sale. So, how long should you expect between the beginning of the problem and the cure? Each acne therapy, to be prosperous, requires anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to completely eliminate the problem.

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Further, when the acne shows signs of improvement or really clears, you want to continue the acne treatment to avoid a recurrence. Call it preventive maintenance after the truth. This vital step is often neglected. If the issue isn’t solved satisfactorily after 6 to 8 weeks of diligence, then you will need to look into changing the acne therapy, based upon your problem. This is because every acne treatment isn’t a”one cure fits all” routine. Some products aren’t compatible with your skin type in any respect.

If you have or are experience poor results in your acne treatment/cure, this is the only area I’d look into first. See what products you’re using and compare it with your skin type to find out if the two are compatible. Which brings me to another variable. No two people are alike. Just like with fingerprints, no two people share precisely the identical acne issue. You need to take into account things like the origin of the acne, your skin type, and the sort of acne lesions you might have.

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These are the primary factors influencing the sort of acne treatment which will be most effective for you. If all this fails to provide an proper cure and following preventative care, then by all means do not be afraid to see a dermatologist at this time. Imagine the difference professional help might be. Some acne treatments are only available by prescription, which might be just the thing you will need to take care of your problem. So, a trip to a dermatologist might be in order in this case. The dermatologist can help you identify such matters as how intense a breakout of acne you’re suffering from, the sort of lesions you have (some do not even know that this is a determining factor), in addition to co-existing conditions.

Maybe you can find other, more unconventional reasons behind your acne problem that the dermatologist can help identify, such as allergic reactions to something else, etc.. What about your age? Does this play a factor in your acne remedy? You bet it does. So does your skin type (dry, oily or both) and even your lifestyle.


Your acne therapy could be in the kind of multiple treatments combined. One night, you might need a medicated item, and yet another night a more natural product. Just bear in mind that, in regards to over-the-counter medication, it’s not smart to combine two unique products without first consulting with a dermatologist. You don’t know what may happen, and it’s far better to be safe than sorry. The rule of thumb with acne remedies would be: get in early to prevent further outbreaks and especially acne scarring. The sooner the better.


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