How To Wake Up Smiling?

Or at least not Frowning! With all this talk of recession, we will need to realise that we do control what happens to people. We’re not puppets on the string of the international economy. Things will happen, you’ll have bad days, but it is how you react to those times that is vital. When you take responsibility for your happiness, then you have choice.

Take note

So in the event that you want to learn simple steps that will help you begin your day in the best possible way, continue reading. I recommend that you print this out and keep it close by, so you will be reminded daily of what you could do. Try out each stage to determine which ones you like, and then integrate them into your everyday routine.

  • Get your body into gear with a fantastic stretch from top to toe. Do this first thing while lying in bed, or when you get out. This helps clear energy blockages which build up when you sleep. It helps the body feel energised, and allows the muscles to release tension that accumulates from being in contorted sleep areas.
  • Stretch up to the skies, bend down and touch your toes. Move your head softly, looking over one shoulder, then the next. Even this tiny amount of stretching will help you. Remember – the more you can do, the better.
  • Throw open the curtain, open the window a little, and expose your face to the sun (or perhaps only the light if it’s dull/raining). Stay like this for a moment. Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, which helps to wake you up.
  • Put on your dressing table and either stand out or open your window wide and breath in the fresh crisp morning air. Have an invigorating wake-up shower! One means to do this is to substitute the cold and hot water. But to tell the truth, I could not face that in the midst of winter.
  • Instead, what can be beneficial is if, bit by bit, you turn the water down, allowing it to fall on your head, and allowing the lower temp water stream for a minute before you turn down it. Keep bringing down the temp till it gets colder. That way you’re gently allowing your body to get used to the colder temperatures, and it is not such a shock. This also wakes up your body, boosts your flow, and makes your lymph system moving.
  • Citrus or walnut, diluted on a sponge are just two stimulating essential oils. They wake up your senses, and push the groggy sleep off. While using these oils, think of your day beforehand, and focus on the enjoyable and great things that could happen.
  • Use your hands when doing your everyday rituals, (brushing teeth, hair, washing, getting dressed). So if you’re right handed, use your left hand, and when left handed, use your right! On the journey into work, use some thoughts exercises to get your mind in gear.
  • Count backwards, spell hard words, try to recall what your friends wore , create a story in mind, play eye spy! Coffee really makes you feel tired, but we emotionally think it gives us energy. Cut down and see how you go. Its best to cut it out entirely, but begin gently, and ease your body and your addiction from it.
  • Make it interesting by changing what you consume. Look forward to your breakfast. Try new cereals, fresh fruit, distinct yoghurts, meats, and eggs, even pancakes. Obviously, the healthier it is, the better. Google breakfasts to get unique ideas. If it’s boring, well that is simply not enticing. They did a study on children whereby they got them to consume breakfast one morning, and they tested their memory. The following day they went to school with no breakfast, and they tested their memory. Guess what? The day the kids ate breakfast, they did better on their tests. Would you drive your car with no gas? No? Then eat breakfast!
  • Try deep breathing to get the blood flowing and send oxygen to your brain. Block your right nostril with your thumb and breathe in slowly through your left nostril. Hold this breath for a couple of seconds then repeat with the other nostril. You can do this while your alarm is on snooze and you still have 10 minutes in the bed.
  • DON’T SLEEP TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE. Too much or too little of anything is generally not great. The same holds for sleep. Generally, 7-8 hours is needed for adults, so as to fix your body’s daily wear and tear, and supply rest for your organs and brain. Take a bath before bed, do not eat after 7, do not drink caffeine. Minimise noise, and go to bed in clean sheets, and a clean and hot, but not hot room. If you awake in the morning, stiff, or with aches and pains, it could be time to change your mattress. We spend hundreds annually on vacations, yet some folks buy the least expensive mattress going. Sleep is the daily vacation most of us need. Purchase a good quality mattress, and turn it on every 6-8 weeks.
  • This goes without saying. Everything in moderation is the best advice. A little of what you fancy does you good. Provided that you eat fresh fruit and veg too. Know about the timing of your meals, and how that impacts your sleep and your energy levels.

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