Is There A War On Our Health?

This message especially goes out to those ‘not in the know.’ For the well-being of you, your loved ones and friends it’s very important that you pay heed to the following advice. There’s a war on the health. Promulgated inside an organization of particular individuals in high places there’s a secret agenda to destroy the health of a substantial number of the planet’s human population.

Let’s start

Before I get into that, first, here is some background. The Fabian Society was named after Fabius Maximus that a Roman dictator/general. His claim to fame was his military plan. Rather than fighting battles where winning or losing are the outcome he used a tactic whereby he had his military weaken the enemy on quite a long period of time. Then, with the enemy weakened, his army could only step in and take over with minimal resistance.

This is an analogy for what’s happening with the ruling elite’s health agenda: After systematically ruining the health of a substantial number of the planet’s human population, those living will be so diminished having little resistance to provide, the ruling elite will then take over and do as they wish to their planned New World Order global fascist dictatorship. As part of this plan the ruling elite want to have complete control over the entire world’s food supply. Their plan is to own and manage the food supply in the kind of GMO.

But why?

The purpose is to make us eat this food so that consequently we’ll then be altered having consumed poisonous genes, thus depriving our wellbeing. Rather than policing the GM corporations, in the tradition of the classic’revolving door’ situation lots of these politicians wind up working for them. Over time it should come as no surprise to many that we have seen a rise in high-sugar, high-salt, nasty trans-fats, chemical laden metabolic toxin junk food which correlates with a 1 percent increase in obesity every year and an entire catalogue of raising illnesses.

Junk food has the effect of targeting particular nerve cells in certain regions in the brain which makes it highly addictive. Another kind of encroaching tyranny is present in the government pushing for forced vaccinations. The associated directives come under the guise of’we are only doing what is best for you’ but that does not have any logic since there’s a ton of peer reviewed documentary evidence to demonstrate that vaccinations could be ineffective, cause the disease having been vaccinated for, or even harm and kill their toxicity and toxic overload.

Children health

Children are targeted by getting something like 25 and vaccinations before 6 years old, weakening their immune system maybe for the rest of their lives that, as part of their Fabius Maximus strategy, will cause them to grow up to be less difficult to control due to debilitating ill health. Like the opposite political parties that the mainstream media don’t talk about this and are pro-vaccination. That’s because both the opposite political parties and mainstream media are controlled by the ruling elite with their owned multinational pharmaceutical firms who supply the vaccines.

Many kinds of effective naturopathic options as remedy have been unjustly quashed, ridiculed and suppressed since they go against the medical/pharmaceutical institution’s highly profitable model. This very briefly shows how and why there’s a war on our health: The war on the individual species. If we are to take back our rightful sovereignty, make educated decisions on health, then it is time to get active. This is my plea asking you to join me in the effort in whatever way possible.

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