What Are Aqua Aura Healing Quartz Crystals?

Balancing the body’s chakras is a valuable part to staying both emotionally and physically well. Quartz is thought to be a particularly effective stone for improving and directing the energies that flow through these essential points.

Healing crystals

Aqua Aura healing with crystals could be completed in a number of distinct ways, depending on what affects one needs to manifest. Quartz can be located in many diverse formations, though this specific type is thought to have some very unique qualities. It exudes a brilliant blue tone that ranges from electric, to sky blue, with the occasional iridescent rainbow of rainbow flashes, and has been infused with minute flecks of gold.

With the natural powers of the rock being enhanced by bonding with the precious metal, its metaphysical properties are much more pronounced. This blue toned walnut is thought to have an intensely calming effect on both the body and soul. The extract with the precious metal, however, is done through a completely fabricated processes wherein the crystals are subjected to great enough warmth that exposure to vaporized gold will float and bond with the surface textures of the rock.


This change makes a higher vibration which has a very positive impact. The improved vibration of those stones resonates especially well within the higher chakras located in the neck and heart. They’re also quite adept at intensifying the vibrations of different crystals that might be utilised together with them to create a desired result. This quartz is so strong that all seven energy points will be touched by it.

There are a number of ways that these crystals could be used to improve one’s physical health, starting with boosting the immune system and strengthening the thymus gland. It’s believed that using this rock, with its improved vibrations, could even assist in a variety of aspects of certain conditions like autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, polarity imbalances, cerebral palsy, and some genetic disorders. The size of the effects will be unique to each circumstance.

Keep in mind

Emotional well being is greatly benefited with this granite, particularly when it’s held during meditation. Its ability to soothe the flow of energies to calm and relax the whole person are especially advantageous to individuals that are dealing with issues such as anxiety, tension, and nervousness. Wearing, or carrying the stone will help counteract negative energy and help one to stay controlled when under stress.

When used to stimulate the throat chakra when meditating, this blue quartz may boost soul power and increase spiritual relations, in addition to stimulating one’s psychic abilities. By removing the constraints one may perceive inside themselves, someone may be better able to reevaluate latent gifts such as clairvoyance, channeling, intuitions, and automatic writing.

Final note

Additionally, it assists in the defense against negative energies. These gorgeous, gold infused quartz crystals may open a clear line of communication between the mind and heart to help one improve their ability to speak truthfully, and openly, from the center. This specific sort of rock can make a link with each of the seven chakras in a exceptional way to cure any imbalances in the body. There are a number of methods by which its power can be channeled efficiently.

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