What To Know About The Mind?

The experts say we hardly use 10 percent of our minds. I would not be so sure about that or really proud of it . What an unexplored region of the body. How a number of different functions does it do that we’re not conscious of. What about the brain as a muscle, athletes, businessmen, people of all kinds are looking into many regions of instruction – the mind.

The mind

The most recent research indicates that the old fallacy of losing mental abilities does not need to occur with age. They say you can still build new neurons into what we call old age. Additionally, it is found that by using the brain much like a muscle we could make it more powerful. There are different ways to fortify the brain as well; studying, is great, not only the paper, bad news doesn’t qualify.

Something which challenges you, something new and hard like Einstien said:”Imagination is greater than intelegence. “Some do cross word puzzles (that works your mind in three demensions), learn a new language, play music or learn how to play an instrument. All of these are very powerful techniques to increas the minds capacities. TV, I predict mindless meditation, well it is and dumb is exactly what you get. Lets start with the comprehension of the brain. It’s the bio-computer of the body. In technical terms the condition of Alpha. On the other hand we are interested in being the very best and we train. Imagery is one of the most frequently used tools in sports. At each level and beginning with the most elementary level outlook.


Yes! Athletes will need to be able to fully relax for high performance. There are numerous meditative kinds of actions to silence the mind. Zen and other forms of meditation, is Zen is the art of nothingness. Or totally surender from the others point of views, it is all how you look at it. Like my buddy Roger states; “Just live your life to the fullest”. Slow movement for studying overall body balance and awareness. I know female athletes that are even more extreme than guys. Yoga for flexibility and quieting the mind.


We have to train our wills, scientifically and spiritually we have the best of all worlds. It has to be working right! Bucky said it is 75% preparation and 25% performing.

Purpose what you would like to escape it, very clearly said. Very detailed, very concentrated, take your time. What exactly does that mean? The older will fall away on it’s own. Who’s driving the boat?What are your rewards for your commitment and commitment to yourself? This is the most beautiful part of becoming serious about anything in your life.

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