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    Ar depresija ir panikos priepuoliai yra susiję?


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    I’d love to post this article as an epilogue of sorts to another article I’ve written,’Anxiety and Stress, Everyones’ a Person’ to explain some of my opinions and beliefs on the topic. The last article I wrote was somewhat fiery, but rightfully so considering the present status of the content being printed. I want to state that their are lots of folks who do care about the well-being of the potential clients, and would honestly like to assist them.


    I hope that my works will continue in this manner to ensure that more will follow their example. In this column I’ll be analyzing the social aspects of the darker side of those negative emotions. To start I want to Discuss Fear. Often times in life we find ourselves confronted with situations which seem uncertain and frightening. I’ve found, in my experience, when I’m nervous or fearful of a new selection or ethical dilemma I get nervous, anxious, and sometimes miserable. It appears that rather than facing these dilemmas with logical thought it is a lot easier to draw into myself and I think that I’ve recognized that in others.

    The fear of doing what’s right or what’s best often comes from the fear of self-incrimination. In essence, being incorrect. Being wrong isn’t socially okay anymore, which is one of the hearts of this issue. When we irrationally cling to some biased and primitive perspective we find ourselves stuck with our conclusions because of either ignorance or pride. This will lower peoples expectations of you in the start. Now, that might seem like a bad thing, but let’s think about it. Along these lines our anxieties can, also, come from social dishonesty, but a lot of times from the strain which stems from our fear of others responses to us or their view of us.

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    I think, is usually built over a time period where do to our anxieties, we see the world from a twisted lens. Because we see the world through a distorted lens we respond to the world in an absurd manner and, in the long run, create more negative scenarios which can, in turn, create more anxiety. The origins of our anxieties are so diverse that I can only suggest taking time to evaluate the recent happenings of your life to more completely rationalize decisions being made during the period of anxiety. It’s difficult to emotionally stand independent of the others’ opinions until we learn to begin dealing honestly with our self and it has many manifestations in our lives.


    Now that is a topic for the scholars! Depression comes from several sources, in actuality, so many that I could write for many years rather than cover all of these. Needless to say a lot of melancholy comes chemical imbalance, unwillingness to take care of issues honestly and openly, life-circumstances and a number of other facets. I don’t personally believe it can be treated in any one particular way as fear and anxiety can’t be cured in 1 way either. A lengthy period of determined self-help, internal reflection, and other similar tools have I’ve seen help many. One sort of depression I am ready to enter entirely here is the sort caused by want to be recognized. This I think stems from self-worth difficulties, loneliness, and utter boredom.

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    The very best way I’ve seen to combat this is to discover a sense of purpose, and grab it by the horns. Often times when we do so we find ourselves accomplishing something of value to us. Through this we can get a sense of purpose and self-worth in our darkest of hours. It might work, and it might not. Who knows? But it’s sure worth a try. I want to say that anything I’ve stated in some of my posts are no more than my opinions, so take them as such and as always be a skeptic. Be sure though to not judge through a lens of prejudice and you may find something of value that speaks to you. I earnestly hope so.


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