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    How does Cardione support Heart Health?


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    Many people suffer from high blood pressure. It is estimated that “high blood pressure” affects one in two people over the age of 50, an alarming figure, since cardiovascular diseases are responsible for about 40% of all deaths worldwide. The problem is that hypertension often goes unnoticed. Those who have been diagnosed often ask: “How can I treat the disease gently?”. A good question, because the doctor’s medication can in some cases trigger a sudden drop in blood pressure.

    There are many hidden symptoms of Hypertension:

    • Sleep problems – Despite being tired, you don’t want to rest.
    • Memory problems – Forgetfulness in everyday life.
    • Morning edema – Swollen legs and feet
    • Headaches – Shooting, stabbing or hammering pain in the head.
    • Tiredness – Tiredness comes on early despite getting enough sleep.
    • Ringing in the ears – Ringing or buzzing in the ears may indicate hypertension.
    • Irritability – Even the smallest problems can put you in a bad mood.
    • Sweating – Even in winter, sweating increases.

    Therefore, effective treatment of high blood pressure greatly increases the quality of life.

    Cardione Forte Mv B3Er

    What is Cardione?

    Cardione capsules are primarily intended to normalize blood pressure. It is important that Cardione be taken daily and that the treatment be continued for at least 4 weeks. Cardione tablets promise a rapid and adequate regulation of the cardiovascular system. The preparation is intended for patients who are looking for an herbal alternative to drugs and wish to restore the elasticity and tone of blood vessels. The complex of active ingredients effectively prevents heart attacks and strokes. As it has no habituation effect, the product can also be taken on a long-term basis. Hypertension has many different causes. How does Cardione work? The preparation consists of 100% natural ingredients and not only helps to relieve the symptoms of hypertension. Rather, it fights the causes of cardiovascular diseases. The capsules act on the whole organism and help.

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    Nervous tension is relieved and the sleep-wake cycle is gently regulated. As mental tension decreases, blood pressure can return to a normal level. The blood vessels are “rejuvenated”. This is because chlorosterol plaque often accumulates inside the blood vessels with age. When less blood flows through the veins, the body automatically increases blood pressure. Cardione capsules dissolve the deposits. Being overweight affects metabolism. In addition, obesity increases vascular resistance. As a rule, blood pressure increases by 3 mmHg systolic and 2.3 mmHg diastolic for every 10 kg of weight gain. Cardione counteracts this effect. Diabetes is a risk factor in the development of hypertension. When the pancreas secretes more insulin, blood pressure also rises. In the course of the disease, the nerves responsible for regulating blood pressure may also be damaged.

    Ingredients of Cardione

    Kalcis, magnis, geležis, varis, cinkas, manganas, selenas, chromas, molibdenas, vitaminas A, vitaminas D, vitaminas E, vitaminas K, vitaminas B1 (tiaminas), vitaminas B2 (riboflavinas), niacinas, pantoteno rūgštis, vitaminas B6, folio rūgštis, vitaminas B12, biotinas, vitaminas C.

    Cardione Forte Mv B1 Cardione Forte Mv B3

    Are there any Side Effects and Risks?

    No, there are no side effects to worry about with Cardione. We have already mentioned the ingredients of the capsules and their mode of action. As the capsules are composed of purely herbal ingredients, they are well tolerated by all people. Therefore, side effects can only occur if you are allergic to any of the active ingredients. If you take medication regularly or suffer from a medical condition, consult a doctor to be on the safe side.

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    When can the Effect be expected?

    It is not possible to give a general answer as to when Cardione will take effect. This varies from person to person. The first positive changes can be observed after two weeks. You should give your body at least this time to get used to the various active ingredients. However, the cure should be continued for at least 4 weeks.

    Intake and Dosage

    As with any medication, correct intake and dosage are important. The manufacturer indicates that two tablets should be taken daily. Ideally in the morning and evening. Sufficient fluid intake should be ensured so that the preparation can reach the stomach quickly. It is best to take Cardione before breakfast or dinner. Although the effect should be relatively fast, a treatment period of several weeks is recommended. Children and adolescents should not take the tablets, nor should pregnant women.

    Cardione Forte Mv B1 Cardione Forte Mv B2


    The manufacturer of Cardione has kept its promise. 2 capsules a day are enough to normalize blood pressure. Taking them is not only easy, but also effective. The capsules can also be used to treat other physical ailments such as hyperglycemia or constriction of blood vessels.

    The preparation also has a preventive effect, as it protects against strokes. We find it particularly positive that the capsules consist exclusively of herbal active ingredients. This means that the preparation is automatically better tolerated by most people. You can purchase the original product from the official website: Cardione Original

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