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    Kaip naudoti bičių vašką namuose?


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    Honey and the risk of beestings are two of the first things that most people associate with bees. Beeswax is another amazing gift from the beehive. It was highly valued over the centuries for its versatility and many important uses. However, it is now a forgotten product in this age of mass production.


    Its beneficial properties in a completely natural format are still valid today and slowly getting appreciated again. It may surprise you to see how beeswax is used in industrially produced products, even if it is in small quantities. Many mass-produced lip balms contain some beeswax, even though it has very good moisturizing properties. However, in order to keep costs down, they will only use a small amount.

    It is also used in coatings for pharmaceutical products (pills, etc). There are many wonderful ways that you can enjoy the benefits of beeswax at home. They allow for a beautiful honey scent to diffuse throughout your home. Additionally, beeswax candles are brighter, last longer, and burn cleaner than any other candle. They are also said to emit negative ions that help to clean the air and revitalize the body.

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    This traditional method can be used to polish and protect wooden furniture and leather goods. This method has been used for generations and is still very popular today with the rise of silicone-based and solvent-based polishes. A downside to using a good beeswax nail polish is that it requires some manual effort (compared to spraying on). While a spray can give a quick shine, they are not long-lasting nourishment and can cause damage to the item.

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    They can also contain harmful chemicals. Regular use of beeswax on wood helps to bring out its beautiful patina and protect it from water. It penetrates the leather’s individual fibers to nourish and feed them. It may be more difficult to apply a good natural beeswax varnish (it doesn’t work with those that have been mixed in with other substances – check the full listing of ingredients). However, it will prolong the life of leather and wood items.

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    It also has the wonderful benefit of leaving behind a pleasant smell of honey and beeswax for items in the home. It can be used to treat older wood, or for repairing damaged wood. You can fill small holes and indentations with the wax. It is safe to use your fingers as there are no toxic chemicals. Solid beeswax sticks can be used to fix small holes and indentations around your home. Got a stiff zipper? Are you having trouble getting your drawers to slide on their runners smoothly? Do you want a screw or nail to go in faster?

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    These situations are easily solved by a little beeswax. You don’t have to worry about oily drops or the risk of making marks. You will see that many skincare products contain beeswax in their ingredients lists. This is even though some commercial products may only use very little. Beeswax is very moisturizing for the skin and many natural lip balms will have a small amount. If you’re interested in making your own balm, there are many recipes that use beeswax. However, you will need to mix it with some other ingredients to create a balm that is easier to apply to dry skin or lips.

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