PagrindinisOdos priežiūraKokios yra atsargumo priemonės, skirtos į aknę linkusiai odai?

    Kokios yra atsargumo priemonės, skirtos į aknę linkusiai odai?


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    Acne is the most common of all of the skin issues. Eighty percent of the populace, women and men suffer from this problem. Oftentimes the acne may break out and then disappear by itself but in other instances it may require some special treatment. You may have seen individuals avoiding parties or social hangouts when they have acne.

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    They actually shy away from confronting colleagues and friends. The skin pores that have a sebaceous gland in their roots act as triggers for breakouts. The amount of these pores is maximum around the nose, neck, cheeks and chin. Thus, these regions are more prone to breakouts. These sebaceous glands in their normal functioning have a role in secreting some quantity of sebum.

    Due to some variables ( puberty, hormonal imbalance, improper diet ) the secretion from these glands may get increased and bring microbes causing infections which normally take form of redness accompanied by hemorrhoids or breakouts. There’s absolutely no particular reason and no particular age for the incidence of the skin problem but the young adults during their puberty are thought to have affected the most.

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    During this period the secretion of androgen increases which enhances the secretion of sebum and so contributes to frequent breakouts. Adults that have crossed this era may also complaint of this issue at some time. Acne results from some type of imbalance in the skin structure. This imbalance may result from lifestyle changes, improper eating habits, stress, unhygienic environment, etc.. Thus, there isn’t any one single reason for all these workouts.

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    Despite the cause these acne have to be treated in time and in a suitable way or else they would result into scars which could be tricky to cure.

    Maintain good hygiene – washing the vulnerable or affected area with lukewarm water and gentle face wash, many times a day is advised.

    Some people are believed to have heartburn with the ingestion of certain sorts of food (allergic reaction). Such food items have to be mentioned and henceforth avoided.

    besides the daily routine of cleansing your skin correctly one must also make a point to work out daily. This helps boost the body’s immunity and self cleansing system.

    You should contain plenty of water and fresh fruit juices in your diet as they help flush out toxins in the body.

    Emotional stress was proven to be a significant cause of acne. Thus one must always try to live a stress free life. Enjoy and take advantage of your life.

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    Once a break out has happened never scratch the region with wash or nails. It has to be washed with a few anti-acneic gel or gel, and the area must be kept clean and dry. The acne will subside by itself within two or three days.


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