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Kodėl sunku išgydyti?

Health – Do You Find it Hard to Heal? Do you find it challenging to heal? What are you thinking when you’re sick? Now, we’re not talking about positive thinking, although optimistic thinking is vital. We’re discussing programming-our-brain thinking.

There’s a difference

The difference is when we consider positive thinking, we sometimes believe it means telling ourselves lies to keep us moving. What it is, actually, is when you speak with your brain, you’re giving your brain instructions. Let’s say you have a bad back. Positive thinking may be something like a chant. I’m not saying that is bad, nor am I saying it is ineffective. I am only saying that when we take charge and speak with our mind — program our mind, we get things done quicker.

How about: “Man, am I sick!” Yes, that’s programming. And if you end up doing that, perhaps you could think about saying something more positive. Forget that you have got a headache or stomachache or anything, and just concentrate on what’s going to the brain.

Ką daryti?

Pretend your mind is the child and that child will mimic whatever you do, say, or believe, and replicate it perfectly. What would you like your kid, your mind, to replicate? Certainly not”Man, am I sick!” , right? You think you are sick today, just wait a minute and you are going to be sicker. Why? Because you have just programmed it. So, let’s put two and two together. Man, am I sick! AND you’re feeling sick.

That’s not a coincidence, is it? Do you see what you’re doing each time you talk or consider your illness? You’re programming something, right? How about programming this? You did not give your mind a bad place to land. It’s no secret where it landed there, is it? It is not that when you say the illness in the past tense, you may no longer be ill. But when you say you “are” sick, you’ll be sick longer, because that is how you’re programming your mind, making it more difficult for it to get well.

Baigiamoji pastaba

We will need to give our brains a chance, rather than programming them with illness once we are sick, we will need to receive our brain to check toward wellness. What are you really saying or believing? Where’s your brain landing? When you say something is bad, you’re telling your mind something is bad, and there is the vicious circle. Change your thoughts and see what happens. Where does your mind land? Always look at each sentence you say, and see whether you can change it to something better. Practice being happy, so your brain will be in the habit of making you happy.