pregnant woman

Kā ārstēt grūtniecības migrēnu?

Experts have long debated the topic of migraine and pregnancy. One school of thought believes that migraine attacks are caused by an increase in hormone levels (oestrogen, progesterone) during pregnancy. Others disagree with this theory and believe that hormones are the main factor. This group states that migraine attacks can […]

feeling worried

Kā sagatavoties migrēnai?

It can be quite strange to suddenly feel nausea and see blind spots. It can make you wonder what is going on. Then, a migraine headache strikes and all of a sudden it’s over. These early warning signs are known as migraine auras and are often a sign of something […]

from headache

Kā atbrīvoties no migrēnas galvassāpēm?

Migraine headaches are caused by blood vessel enlargement. This causes the release of chemical substances from the neural fibers that are coiling around large arteries in the brain. The nerves that are wrapped around blood vessels will become stretched when they expand. This will cause nerves to release chemicals that […]

Eyes fatigue

Kas ir acu migrēna?

It can be very frightening to lose your vision in one eye without warning. Depending on what you are doing at the moment, the feeling of powerlessness and fear can be quite frightening and even dangerous. Ocular migraines are usually caused by this condition. A headache can accompany this temporary […]

Smaidošs gudrs maz

Ko darīt bērniem ar migrēnu?

Vai zinājāt, ka migrēnas galvassāpes var skart arī bērnus? Saskaņā ar vienu tiešsaistes resursu datiem aptuveni 10% bērnu cieš no šī veselības stāvokļa. Migrēnas galvassāpes var skart jau piecus gadus vecus bērnus. Kas izraisa migrēnas galvassāpes bērniem? Tie paši faktori, kas izraisa migrēnas galvassāpes pieaugušajiem, ietekmē arī [...]