SākumsSāpesVai man ir migrēna vai alerģiskas galvassāpes?

    Vai man ir migrēna vai alerģiskas galvassāpes?


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    Many people don’t know the difference between a migraine and an allergy head ache. However, if your head aches occur within a few hours of eating or drinking a particular food, you might be experiencing allergy pain. This is especially true if your headache is accompanied by swelling, hives, or breathing difficulties. If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital.


    Headaches are not something to take lightly. If not treated properly, these allergies can be fatal. If you are suffering from pain but don’t have any other symptoms, you can apply a cold compress to your forehead. After a brief time, you should feel better if the cold pack is used in conjunction with proper rest. If you don’t feel the cold pack is helping, you should discontinue using it and allow the pain to subside.

    You may also find help with painkillers such as acetaminophen sodium, naproxen sodium or ibuprofen. The changes in seasons can also cause allergy headaches. Your symptoms and signs will help you distinguish between allergy aggravation from migraine.

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    A migraine is an intense aggravation in one area of the head. It is usually accompanied by nausea, and may even cause vomiting. Sometimes, you may feel sensitive to touch your scalp or arms. A migraine can last from one hour to several days. Talk to your doctor about possible medication options if you have migraines.

    An allergy aggravation can be caused by allergies or changes in the air pressure. If your symptoms are seasonal or occur only when the weather changes, you can assume that this is the reason for your head aches.

    This type of pain can be treated with an over-the-counter allergy medication. This allows the pressure in your sinuses and the air around them to balance. These medications can also be used to treat other seasonal allergies. This medication should be kept on hand at all times.



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