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    Vai vitamīni ārstē ādas pinnes?


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    Acne can be found in all ages. Acne is a common skin condition that affects the chest, face, and back. It can be very visible and can lead to embarrassment, depression and low self-esteem for those who suffer from it. Acne is caused by the skin’s sebaceous glands that work overtime because of hormonal changes.


    It is caused by skin pores that become blocked with sebum oil and excess skin cells. While many may believe that regular facial cleansing and a healthy diet are enough to keep acne under control, some people find that this is not the case. What can you do? There are two options if you don’t want to use medically prescribed products. You can either use readily available vitamin-fortified skin creams or you can try one of the many home remedies that have proven to be effective over time.

    Home Ārstēšana

    • Vitamin C, which oranges are rich in, plays a significant role in skin care. Vitamin C is essential for the formation collagen, which is the main component of the skin. Scientific studies have shown that topical vitamin C creams have anti-oxidant properties that can reduce irritation and redness caused by acne scarring. They also help to rebuild collagen that has been damaged.
    • Although it might not sound appealing, garlic has a reputation for helping to fight unsightly acne. You can eat a few cloves of garlic per day if you are able to stomach it. These results can be seen in a matter of days. You can also buy garlic supplements from a pharmacy, but they will take longer to show results. This is an inside-out approach that will help acne all over your body, not just the areas you have applied a topical treatment.
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    Acne is a serious skin condition that can lead to severe complications. However, it is possible to treat it. There are many acne treatments that can be used to treat your current acne and prevent future outbreaks. These ideas will hopefully help you feel confident and take control of your life.


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