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    Kādas ir medus priekšrocības?


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    Medus, iespējams, ir vispilnīgākais dabas produkts, tas ietver gandrīz visas lietas, kas veido mūsu ķermeni. Nektārs, ko bites vāc no ziediem, var būt galvenais veids, kā iegūt ogļhidrātus, kas bitēm kļūst par viegli maldinošu glikozi - glikozi un fruktozi, kas ir galvenā [...]

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    Amazing herbal elements within honey give a solid impetus to the disease fighting capability. Raw honey is filled with vitamins and has a lot of minerals which are crucial to the preservation of wellness, such as for example calcium, iron, honey contains proteins, which are the blocks of nature. Natural honey is filled with enzymes.

    Enzymes are crucial for the absorption of foods, restoration of the body, the fitness of cells and practically all other biological procedures. Mature honey contains a lot more than 15% drinking water, and bees in honeycomb include it with wax lids therefore protect from the absorption of wetness and spoilage.


    It is really a resinous element reddish to deep red. If kept much longer, it becomes darker, and consuming sunlight loses its elasticity. Includes a distinctive resinous smell and flavor bitterish, and the structure is definitely dense and homogeneous. Propolis includes approximately 200 the different parts of which are the most significant: wax, essential oils, organic balsams and resins, pollen, nutritional vitamins and trace components, etc..

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    The most important substances of propolis are polyphenolic substances – flavonoids (galangin, . Antimicrobial (functioning on cells of bacterias, fungi and viruses), hepato shielding, Because of its composition of propolis can be used to take care of various bacterial, fungal, viral illnesses. Because of its numerous medicinal attributes, called the medication 21st century.


    Propolis can be used for respiratory problems, inside care of the mouth (with periodontal disease), inside dermatology (for pimples, eczema, burns), bacterial infections of the digestive system, for the security of liver tissue and to enhance the disease fighting capability. Application of propolis is situated in cosmetics, due to the antimicrobial action, and the impact of fast tissue regeneration. Propolis available will come in the proper execution of tinctures, drops, sprays, capsules, capsules, creams and ointments. Attention ought to be given in kids, pregnant and nursing females and steer clear of using alcohol tinctures due to the high alcohol content inside them.

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