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    Hoe maak je jezelf ziek?

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    De prostaat is een ernstige ziekte die een man niet laat leven...

    Revolyn Keto Burn Supplement

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    There are three primary factors or causes of every disease known to man. It doesn’t matter whether it is heart disease, cancer, auto-immune, external or internal symptoms. If you were to deal with these three items, you could live a disease free life. It’s likely to have a body that’s strong, healthy, pain-free and drug-free.


    Nutritional imbalances and/or deficiencies. Let’s breakdown each class for additional insight. HOW CAN NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES CAUSE DISEASE? We know the consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies like osteoporosis(calcium), scurvy(vit C), pellegra(niacin), Beri-Beri(vit B1). We’re all advised by the RDA on vitamin bottles of their minimum daily recommneded doses of the minerals and vitamins necessary to avoid those and other ailments.

    However, this is the MINIMUM DAILY DOSE. But who needs a body that’s working at the minimum levels of efficiency! And this is exactly what I am referring to when I speak about vitamin deficiencies. When working at the minimum levels of efficiency, your body will operate minimally, eventually wear out and eventually break down.

    Hou in gedachten

    To work effectively, your body requires the appropriate nutrients daily. And in America, the majority of us aren’t getting them. Especially not with the Standard American Diet(SAD). McDonald’s anyone? Let’s face it. We’re a fast food nation. Food is processed, altered, irradiated, treated with pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and more. The nutrient amounts of processed foods is negligible at best and down right harmful at its’ worst.

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    There’s absolutely no way that your body is getting what it needs to operate properly and also to fend off infections and combat diseases. There’s another reason we aren’t getting the appropriate nutrients and why most people are suffering from malnutrition. And that’s the condition of your gut or your stomach and intestines. Over time, these crucial organs have essentially become ill, clogged up, too toxic and are actually currently a cause of a number of the ailments, ailments and symptoms we experience every day.

    Wat gebeurt er?

    So now that we are symptomatic and do not feel good, what do we do? Take more drugs, which in turn further deteriorates the flora and trillions of”good” bacteria that we will need to thrive. There are 10 times the amount of bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your whole body. So they’re there for a purpose. In addition to that, the ratio of “good” to “bad” bacteria is probably even more significant.

    WHAT DESTROYS THE “GOOD” BACTERIA? 1 trigger is antibiotics. They have been designed to kill the”bad” bacteria and they do a excellent job. But they’re not selective. They kill all them. And if you’ve ever taken an antibiotic, even after (and a few live on the stuff) and didn’t take a great quality probiotic supplement to replenish themyou are deficient. And of course using antibiotic hand soaps daily. Make no mistake. What gets on your skin, gets into your blood.

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    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN “GOOD” BACTERIA ARE DEPLETED? When you think of your immune system do you think about your gut? Probably not. But approximately 80 percent of immune tissue cells are located in your gut. It’s Named GALT(Gut Related Lymphatic Tissue). Now imagine that these immune cells, which are entirely dependent and rely on the correct performance of the”good” bacteria that reside there, were to become over-worked. This is just what happens. These immune cells become agitated when they’re subjected to something called an antigen, such as pet dander, dust, smoke and even certain foods. The immune cells sound an alarm.



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