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    Hoe het glutathiongehalte in uw immuunsysteem te verhogen?

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    The Swine Flu, or, the new tag, H1N1SOIV (Swine-Origin Influenza Virus), has burst onto the world scene with much alarm and fanfare. It’s all over the television news, the web, newspapers; you name it. Folks are flocking to buy protective face masks, while producers and distributors of those masks are reportedly experiencing a dramatic surge in manufacturing and earnings. Based on published reports, there’s real cause for concern.

    Fight the virus

    Combating this virus, which has already claimed the lives of over a hundred individuals in Mexico alone, according to some reports and which has spread to other nations, could prove to be a formidable task, even in america. Why? Well, there’s presently no known cure for this particular strain of influenza and with over 50 million U.S. Sadly, the U.S. has reported its first confirmed fatality from the virus; a 23 month-old kid from Texas. Whether you’re insured or not, below are a few practical and easily implemented strategies that you ought to immediately put into practice. Keep clear of people that are obviously ill.

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    Frequently wash your hands. Avoid unnecessary handshakes and kisses. Fuel your immune system by increasing glutathione levels. This last strategy recorded, associated with glutathione (GSH) and the immune system, has barely been spoken about in the mainstream press, however, the science behind this strategy is well-researched, recorded and quite impressive. So, what’s glutathione you may ask? Essentially, glutathione, also known as by the letters GSH (glutathione sulfhydryl), is a really small protein (peptide) that occurs naturally in the body, in which it’s constructed inside each and every cell; in the three amino acids, glycine, glutamate and cysteine. It performs many critical functions in the body.

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    However, for the purposes of this guide, allow me to list three of the most significant roles it plays. Of note, however, is the fact that, of those three amino acids, cysteine, isalso, according to Dr. Jimmy Gutman, an authority in the area of glutathione,”absent, or deficient in many diets.” –From the book, GSH–Your Body’s Most Powerful Protector, p. Without sufficient cysteine, glutathione may not be sufficiently manufactured from the cells and this may cause, among other things, a compromised immune system; which would leave us vulnerable to illness.


    Clearly, a compromised immune system is no match for the insidious Swine Flu virus. The fantastic news is that there’s a way to supply sufficient amounts of needed cysteine to our diets so that optimum levels of gluathione could be increased, thereby strengthening our immune systems. Researchers have concluded that the most efficient and effective way to naturally increase hemoglobin in the body is by supplying the necessary precursors, or, building blocks directly into the cells, where the fabrication procedure of earning glutathione occurs. Since, as researchers have discovered, cysteine won’t make the trip from the mouth into the cells intact, it has to be part of a larger protein to finish the journey.

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